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I am new to Iowa and have head from neighbors about a fungus found on some Blue Spruce trees. In the early Spring I planted a number of 4 foot Serbian Spruce trees. Do I need to be concerned about any issues with their health? What other types of evergreens would do well in Grinnell Iowa? Also, On the East coast I did very well with the ground cover Pachasandra. I do not see that around here. Thank you, Frank Appleton

Poweshiek County IA about 4 years ago

animal bone

today my neighbor girl brought over this bone that she found in holiday lake and asked me to identify. I could not. could you help me with this?


Poweshiek County IA almost 7 years ago

pole beans

The pole beans I am growing were doing fine until about a week ago. These are not hybrid beans. New growth leaves look damaged, but still green. Would appreciate any suggestions. Most new growth looks like this. This is 2nd page with picture of good growth.


Poweshiek County IA about 2 years ago

Bot Flies

I'm experiencing an unusually heavy infestation of bot flies that are laying eggs on my horses. I've tried removing the eggs in the usually recommended ways, but none seem to really work. I've ordered "Ovitrol Plus" spray to attempt to "kill" the eggs, but it's yet to arrive. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to deal with this problem?


Poweshiek County IA almost 7 years ago

japanese beetles on llittle leaf linden & roses

3rd year huge infestation, dusting roses with Sevin seems to help. in error i guess was trapping (3 gal bucket in 24H) guess it draws them to bushes so will quit. Have little leaf linden 50' tall not far from roses, what best to spray rose bushes, what for on or around tree and grass between. Im 81 so can't deal with tree, should I call a tree guy. someone said neem oil on roses, is that best?


Poweshiek County IA 12 months ago

tree spray

When and what should i spray apple trees with for insect and disease control


Poweshiek County IA about 3 years ago

Tips for showing Beef at county fairs

was wondering if you have brochures or classes that 4H kids can read/attend to get tips on showing beef, what requirements are, what helps in getting a better score, tips on showmanship? how can I find out this information??


Poweshiek County IA almost 4 years ago

Trees that are infected with beetles

There are trees along my property that are not mine that are infected with beetles. Trees are dying and falling on my property. Property owner does not do any thing since this property is zoned agricultural. So I cut the dead tree that fell onto my property that was very infested with some type of beetle. What can I do? Thank you.


Poweshiek County IA about 5 years ago

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