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Thank You

I recently attended the West Pottawattamie County Fair and was THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED! My grandchildren and I loved the 4-H and the industry exhibits. I was amazed that the Lion and Tiger show was so well done and FREE! The petting zoo wasn't really for petting, but the animals were exotic, clean and healthy. We could have spent more time there than we did, but there was so much more to see. THANK YOU for providing a family event that was of such high quality. My granddaughters live in France so they have much to tell their friends at school there!

Pottawattamie County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Mixing fuel

I have a 2004 Buick with a 3800 engine ... Yesterday I made a mistake an put E-85 fuel in the tank, My tank was about 33% regular fuel an now 66% E-85... what should I do. also another question. would this cause my Check Engine light to come on???

Please advise me./...

Thank you... Bill Johnson


Pottawattamie County Iowa over 5 years ago

WWI 31st Inf. Co. K

My great grandfather was in WWI, 31st Infantry, a private in Company K.
I would like to find out what that division did in the war.
He enlisted 7 Dec. 1917 and was honorably discharged 23 July 1920 at Fort McDowell, Calif.
His life ended tragically in 1931, when he was only 48 years old, by him drinking wood alcohol. He lived on trains, etc., and was considered a hobo. An alcoholic no doubt.
I am wondering what his company did in the War and if that had an effect on his drinking problem.
I cannot seem to find anything except for something about 'The Polar Bears', but I am not sure if he was one of them.
Thank you for any help.


Pottawattamie County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Spring foliage on trees in the Loess Hills.

I see a lot of trees with a silver-gray canopy mixed in with the other trees in the Loess Hills that have a green canopy. I notice this lately as I drive at a distance of a few miles from the hills. Do you know what these trees are?


Pottawattamie County Iowa about 2 years ago

bacteria found in well water sample

We recently sent in a water sample with the extension office water kit and got the results back as no e-coli, but +1 bacteria. What kind of filter device do we need to ensure water safety? Is a sediment filter what we are looking for or a water softner?


Pottawattamie County Iowa almost 6 years ago


Do you have classes that teach home canning or bread making? I had no one to teach that to me.


Pottawattamie County Iowa over 6 years ago

when to apply crabgrass preventer

Pertaining to Council Bluffs, Ia vicinity; the soil warmed up enough yet, to apply crabgrass preventer? What is the present soil temp now. I've read it should be 54+*. Thank you for your reply. Harlene


Pottawattamie County Iowa about 5 years ago

What is this small red fruit?

This red fruit the size of a quarter is all along the Wabash Trail. Would you please identify it for me. Thank you



Pottawattamie County Iowa almost 6 years ago

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