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Mildew on NineBark Shrubs

Do All varieties of Ninebark get Mildew or just certain varieties?


Plymouth County IA 4 months ago

Green Ash Tree Disease

There is a Green Ash Tree located on the parking in front of my house in Le Mars at 18 3rd Ave SE. I noted that the leaves are blowing off and they are brown dot spotted and curling. This is an old tree. I also noted some type of flying insect that emerged from bored holes in the trunk. Please advise on what this might be.


Plymouth County IA over 2 years ago

2001 grain prices

About 15 April 2001 what was the prices for soybeans, yellow corn and white corn? Thanks Doug


Plymouth County IA over 5 years ago

Dial Pressure Gauges

Where do I need to go the test my dial pressure canner gauge?


Plymouth County IA almost 6 years ago

dwarf tress and evergreens

I see dwarf ornamental trees or dwarf evergreen tress next to a house. Will the roots grow into the foundation? What kind of the mentioned trees are hardy and easy to care?


Plymouth County IA over 2 years ago

raspberry problems

my raspberries have dry spots on the fruit. most of the berry looks good. do you know what causes this?



Plymouth County IA small fruit raspberries over 3 years ago

New creature in my garden

I have been gardening in this spot for 19 years and have never seen this creature before. I don’t know if it a larval stge, a cocoon or what. All of them I found were on the leaf tops of my hot banana pepper plant. Not hiding under the safety of the leaf, but right on top. It didnt move at all as I was inspecting and taking photos, but the location seems odd for any kind of larval stage.



Plymouth County IA over 1 year ago

Bush Identification

I have a bush that is about ten feet tall and gets pale pink flowers in the spring and orange berries in the summer.I was wondering what type of plant this is. There are dead branches mixed with healthy ones and I wanted to know whether anything can be done to help this problem. I have included photos below.


Photo_1_300x300%2523 Photo_2_300x300%2523 Photo_3_(1)_300x300%2523

Plymouth County IA plant identification horticulture over 5 years ago

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