Palo Alto County, Iowa

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evergreen tree disease

Some of our many evergreen and cedar trees have spots of brown on them or some of the end of branchs are brown. Is there a disease they need to be treated for or is it weather stress related?


Palo Alto County Iowa about 6 years ago

Sweet Ptatoes

WHEN do I harvest sweet potatoes? I put several hills in two large containers on my patio. The containers are about 24 in. in diameter and about 18 inches deep. I filled them with good potting soil. In one I put a bag or pea rock on the bottom for drainage. I drilled drain holes in both about 4 inches from the bottom in case I over watered the, ot it rained to much. Like we have had a lot of rain. The vines area really big and bushy. I want to know when they should be harvested and processed for storage. I have found some information on YouTube. Most of that was in southern or eastern states. I live in Graettinger and I do get to Emmetsburg often. Do you have this information at the Extension office? Ken Ebeling, P.O. Box 146, Graettinger, IA 51342


Palo Alto County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Oak tree

I have a couple of oak trees I the yard of a place I just bought. One of the trees is very sparse with leaves and still has the caps of the acorn still on it. Is this a problem and how can I change it


Palo Alto County Iowa 12 months ago

Trees and shrubs

Is there still a program that offers low cost plantings for conservation and habitat?


Palo Alto County Iowa 7 months ago

lead testing

where can you find a certified lead inspector


Palo Alto County Iowa about 1 year ago

Typing tests

If I took a typing test July 2006 at the Emmetsburg Extension office would those results still be available somewhere?


Palo Alto County Iowa almost 5 years ago

gardening over dirt floor garage

We took the garage down. There hasn't been a car parked on that spot for 23 years. It has been open to the elements for 5 years. Is the ground safe to plant in or do I have to be concerned about the chemicals from oil and gasoline that would have spilled on the dirt? Do I have to worry about chemical leaching on the downhill side of the site? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.


Palo Alto County Iowa over 5 years ago

Economic Impact of Pork Production

Where can I find information about the economic impact of pork production in Palo Alto County? I'm looking for information like jobs, feed and supply purchases and dollars spent in the area from pork production. Thank You. Dan McCain


Palo Alto County Iowa over 6 years ago

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