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Citizenship Washington Focus 2015

Hi, for the Citizenship Washington Focus 2015 opportunity the guidelines state that the 4Hers need to be 9th to 12th graders. Would this be going into 9th or having completed 9th? Thanks!


Osceola County Iowa about 6 years ago

what kind of spider?

Hi, I found this near my window and decided to take a quick picture. I think this could be a common house spider, but I’m not sure.



Osceola County Iowa almost 2 years ago

sauerkraut making

What causes homemade sauerkraut that is nice and white when waterbathed and for the first few months looks great but after about 6-9 months it turns darker colored? The jars are all sealed tight. The flavor is also different when coloring goes dark.


Osceola County Iowa about 6 years ago

What kind of spider is this??

I found this spider wandering my walls this morning so I freaked and quickly took a picture. I’m asking because should I be worried about this?


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Osceola County Iowa about 2 years ago

Turkey foot in lawn

Lawn was beautiful and now loaded with what I think is turkey foot, is awful! What can we use to get rid of it without killing the grass?


Osceola County Iowa about 4 years ago

4H animal science registration form?

Hi - can you direct me to where I need to go to find the registration form for the 4H animal science roundup coming up in June at ISU? Thank you!


Osceola County Iowa over 7 years ago

Chicken Respitory problems

I just put down 2 birds in my flocks who had sysmptoms of Aspergillosis. In April I emptied some corn & after throwing it on ground my chickens began eating it and I noticed a little of the corn was moldy. I'm believing that's how my rooster and one hen got sick. I now notice my banty rooster is real quiet and one eye isn't staying open. Am I going to loose my entire flock? My rooster & hen we killed were unable to crow or cluck and seemed to be having trouble breathing. This flock is was 24 birds. I have in the next room 40 12 week old chicks. Are they threatened by this too?


Osceola County Iowa about 6 years ago

What type of cocoon is this?

I was exploring around my house and I found this attached to my siding. I have no idea if this is a cocoon but it's pretty large in size, roughly about the size of an adult palm.

It's kind of cool, but I'm kind of scared about what could be in there. It's also October, but I don't know if that would factor in with anything.


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Osceola County Iowa 11 months ago

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