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holes in our Whitespire Birch

We noticed some woodpecker activity on the birch and then we found several rows of small holes (see picture). Is this something we should worry about? Should we start thinking about a new tree?



Muscatine County Iowa about 3 years ago

affects of bullying and teen suicide

are most causes of teen suicide stem from being bullied


Muscatine County Iowa parenting teens teen activities about 5 years ago

Thornless honey locust

Why is my tree planted last fall only leafing on the bottom trunk?


Muscatine County Iowa about 1 month ago

Sweet gum tree

My newly planted tree last fall has buds on all limbs but will not leaf out.


Muscatine County Iowa about 1 month ago

Simple mis-identified plant

Testing out this app and found it was hit and miss when you have either a few weeds in the background or taking the picture from over top the plant. This app could not distinguish this picture as simple sweet corn.



Muscatine County Iowa about 3 years ago

Is it ok to put Sunflower seeds in banana bread

I baked Banana bread and used unsalted sunflower seeds in the bread in place of walnuts or other nuts. I put the bread in the refrigerator. When I sliced it 4 days later the sunflower seeds had turned green. Do you know why that would happen? I have 2 other loaves in the freezer also. Normally, I put the bread in the freezer after I bake it but had left the other 2 loaves in the refrigerator of a couple of days before freezing it. I looked at the unused sunflower seeds I had used in the bread and they looked fine. I always keep the sunflower seeds in the freezer until I'm ready to use them. Would you suggest I toss the bread out? Thank you!!!


Muscatine County Iowa almost 6 years ago

What kind of flower is this?

I found a beautiful pink flower in my front yard, it has spiky leaves. I would love to know what kind of flower it is. I've never seen it in my yard before.


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Muscatine County Iowa plant identification about 3 years ago

diseased elm

I have a multiple trunk elm that seems to be leaking, is there a way to stop this? Or are there any funds or grants to help take this tree down? Thanks


Muscatine County Iowa almost 5 years ago

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