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What is the purpose for liming the soil


Montgomery County IA over 3 years ago

wild parsnip

We live on edge of a new crp field and wild parsnip is now growing near our backyard. What should I expect the owner of the crp field to do so it doesn't spread to my yard?


Montgomery County IA about 4 years ago

Certified food protection manager

good evening. I was advised maybe you can point me in the right direction? I am opening a bakery in Elliott, ia and was needing a CFPM. can you help me with these qualifications or give any advice on how to obtain them? thank you in advance.


Montgomery County IA about 1 year ago

Linden tree and EAB

Have a linden tree in Stanton that, until early fall, was healthy. Within the space of two weeks about a third of the tree seems to be dying. A local tree service told us that the linden is EAB's second choice after ash trees. I have done some web searches and every source agrees that eab has only been found in one other tree in North America, Old Man's Beard in Pennsylvania. I'm confused. Is this eab or another pest? Can we save the tree or is it too late? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Montgomery County IA over 3 years ago

Where can I find local crop prices?

I will be entering into a share crop partnership in 2014. I can see the future crop prices on AGweb and in newspaper, but don't know how to access current price of crop going to be sold locally and within the current time frame. How can I access these prices and from different graineries?


Montgomery County IA almost 7 years ago

Selling hot coffee at a farmers market

We have a vendor that is interested in selling disposable cups of hot coffee at our Red Oak Farmers Market. These cups of hot coffee would be brewed on-site. Are there any regulations this vendor should be aware of? Could this vendor also sell shots of espresso?


Montgomery County IA over 1 year ago

Identification of insect

Randy from Stanton Ia. Asking about a one inch larva looking worm eating my Blackeyed Susan’s.



Montgomery County IA about 1 year ago


We live in a berm home and have had hundreds of worms lately. They are about one inch long and curl up when touched. Can you tell us what they are? Will they continue to be a problem? Is it because of the wet year? What can we do to get rid of them? Thank you, Donna



Montgomery County IA almost 5 years ago

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