Monroe County, Iowa

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planting melons

will watermelons and muskmelons cross. how far apart should they be planted


Monroe County Iowa over 5 years ago

Brown spots on pear tree leaves

We have two Bartlett pear trees which we planted approximately three years ago. They have never bloomed and/or had any pears. As soon as the leaves appear, they are spotted with little brown spots. Could you give me an idea as to what is wrong with these pear trees and what I can do to make them more productive?


Monroe County Iowa about 1 year ago

Crypto and Apples

How can I process my apples to be sure the cryptosporidium parasite is dead? Does freezing juice kill it? Waterbath canning? I have dehydrated apples, will they be safe? Does washing well make fresh apples safe to eat? A family member became ill with crypto and I want to make sure my home preserved apple things are safe. I have applesauce, apple pie filling, and apple juice canned. Dehydrated slices, frozen juice and fresh apples. Please advise.


Monroe County Iowa over 6 years ago

Accidentally restarted pressure canner

While waiting for pressure plug to drop in the pressure canner, I started heating a pot of tomato juice to jar and process. The pressure canner was still on the burner as it is too heavy for me to move when full. Imagine my surprise when several minutes later the canner started to jiggle again....yup I had turned on the wrong burner. I Immediately turned it off, and started cooling it again. All the jars sealed but I am worried this somehow compromised the safety of the food? It was 7 quarts of NCHF's recipe for Zucchini and tomatoes


Monroe County Iowa almost 7 years ago

muskrat holes in dam and cattails

What is the best way to fix muskrat holes in dams - to dig out from the top side and then place clay and benionite (not sure about spelling) in 8" layer and compact back with vibrator compactor until flush?
Should we remove all cattails from around the pond since muskrats eat cattails? Maybe if all the cattails are gone then the muskrats will leave?
Is riprap a good idea to get muskrats from digging through pond dams (inside pond-side)?


Monroe County Iowa over 7 years ago

Plant identification

Please help me identify this plant. It appears to be some kind of a grass.



Monroe County Iowa almost 3 years ago


Is there any website that can help me find like important events for Monroe IA? Can anyone help ?


Monroe County Iowa about 6 years ago

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