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Winter Survival

I have a butterfly bush and a small azalea in large plastic containers. Will they survive the winter outside in these pots? Planting them in the ground is not an option. What can I do to ensure their survival?


Monona County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Cost basis

I inherited a farm in Monona county and need a cost basis for April 29, 2005. What is the best way to determine the number? I have the legal description. Thank you!


Monona County Iowa almost 6 years ago

cropland percentage share

A farm management company speaks of a percentage of 35% for corn and 40% for soybeans for a crop share rent to the landlord. The operator would have all input costs except for real estate taxes and any insurance the landlord would carry for the land. The percentage would be increased for grain bins and irrigation owned by the landlord. The landlord would sell their own share. This sounds like a fair agreement to me. What do you think?


Monona County Iowa over 3 years ago

Asian Beetles

Why do I keep finding dead asian beetles in my garage this winter? I keep sweeping up dead ones in the corner of the garage and in two days, I find more dead beetles in the same place. Where are they coming from? The garage is attached to the house and has no place for them to overwinter in the back of the garage.


Monona County Iowa over 4 years ago

Plant Identification

Please help me identify this plant. Is it an invasive weed? There are two plants growing close together but one plant has lighter purple flowers than the other one. I was unable to upload more than one picture. The other picture I had shows a similar plant with darker purple flowers.



Monona County Iowa over 5 years ago

Annuals which compliment a herb garden

I would like to plant some annuals among my herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, mint) that would compliment the herbs and not overwhelm in size. What would you suggest?


Monona County Iowa over 2 years ago

Canning with out salt

I am wanting to can without salt. Is this possible? and do I add anything else to help preserve


Monona County Iowa about 1 year ago

Tomato Problem

I planted three tomatoes (Lemon Boy and Golden Jubilee) very late in the spring (2nd week of June). I have gotten lots of tomatoes from these three plants. They were spaced appropriately and in cages. I grew them in a box (4 by 8 feet) which had miniature melons growing in the soil last year. I used annual rye as a compost last fall and added some additional garden soil from a bag. About a month ago, they started get spots on the leaves and then dying from the bottom up. I have pulled up the plants (they will be burned in a burn pile) and cleaned up all the leaf debris. But I am wondering what caused this problem and if I will have the same problem next year, although I don't plant tomatoes in the same spot every year. We live in Monona County and had up to 13 inches of rain in August. I hardly ever had to water the tomatoes and they were almost too wet all the time. I also had newspaper and grass cuttings on top of the soil for weeds but now wish I had not done this, as they never seemed to dry out.


Monona County Iowa almost 6 years ago

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