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Old varieties of wheat

What varieties of wheat were grown in northern Iowa between 1900 and 1955?


Mitchell County IA over 6 years ago

Spraying walls in hen houses and milk houses. I

What to use?


Mitchell County IA almost 2 years ago


Can I put DDG's on my Asparagus as a weed/grass preventer?


Mitchell County IA over 3 years ago

small bare spots in the lawn

As my grass wakes up this Spring I have small,6" - 12" bare spots. There seems to be some grass coming in these spots but the lawn looks like cattle walked over my lawn. Some neighbors have the same problems but not everyone. Is a fungus causing this? If it's Winter kill why my lawn and not the next door neighbor? Is there a Fall treatment to prevent this? I don't remember covering this in Master Gardening class.


Mitchell County IA about 3 years ago

value of a lease of farmland

I have a client with 26 years remaining on a lease of 150 acres of farmland in Mitchell county. The new owner wants to sell the property free and clear and pay the value of the lease. Pretty average land. Is there some valuation publication on a calculation of the value of a lease?


Mitchell County IA over 2 years ago

Hello, I would like to know the best way to get a slow release fertilizer...

Hello, I would like to know the best way to get a slow release fertilizer applied to perennial beds that have wood chip mulch on them. The mulch is about 2” deep. The beds contain both woody and herbaceous plants. Is there some form of soluble slow release fertilizer that could be applied on top of the mulch, then watered in? All that I seem to find for soluble fertilizers are quick release. I also have a drip irrigation system under the mulch. So, raking back the mulch to apply fertilizer would be difficult. There are only some of the plants that I want to fertilize. (The heavy feeders.) So, I would like a method that lets me target specific areas for fertilization. Thanks. Paul Gogerty


Mitchell County IA about 5 years ago

Aerial pasture seeding as fertilization

What seed and fert should I use and at what rate for each


Mitchell County IA about 7 years ago

New metal shingle roofing question

I had new metal shingles put on two years ago (ranch style home) the underlayment was not replaced as the contractor felt it was in good condition. A few months prior to that I had 40 inches of insulation added to my attic (vent shoots were put in). Upon completion of my new roof it felt almost warmer in my house during the summer than before the insulation was put in. (My air conditioner is always on in the summer and to me it seemed the air conditioner would be running less in theory). I questioned the contractor about whether there was enough ventilation in my roof as to why it seemed warmer in my house. There is a ridge vent and some soffit openings for ventilation. I have charted my attic temps and it is consistently 30 to 40 degrees warmer than the ambient air in the summer time. This August I looked up in my attic and found that the plywood underlayment was coming apart in several places on my roof. My roof is therefore buckling and sagging in those areas which with metal shingles one would think that wasn't possible. I need to figure out why there was such a fast deteriation of this plywood when it was ok just 2 years ago. I purchased 40 year metal shingles thinking my roof with make it 40 years also but at this rate it will not make it but a few. My question is what is the attic temperature supposed to be for Iowa? My research on the internet comes up with a range of 15 to 20 degrees difference from ambient temps in general but is that the case for Iowa? Would the higher temps in my attic cause the plywood glue to let go and the plywood to "splinter" apart? How many holes in the soffit area does there need to be to provide adequate ventilation? Is a ridge vent adequate enough or should wirly birds be added? Is there a housing expert I can speak to or hire to give me advice? I feel that being a single woman that I am being taken advantage of and that no one is claiming responsibility for my roof problems and claiming they just don't know why my new roof has developed all these problems. I purchased what I was told would be a 40 year metal shingle roof. The contractor did come and used 2x4's to support those areas that were sagging and the plywood falling apart. To me this just puts a bandaid on the problem but doesn't fix the problem of why it started in the first place. Won't the problem just continue? I don't have the money to put on a new roof again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for forwarding to whomever can possibly help me. I apologize as this is more than one question. Diane


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Mitchell County IA over 5 years ago

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