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swamp smart weed

What is the best chemical control program?


Mills County Iowa about 4 years ago

growing grass

We recently removed a evergreen tree at the Glenwood Library and are unable to get grass to grow there. What do we need to do to get grass growing?


Mills County Iowa about 5 years ago

Grass burn off

Who would we contact to do a small acreage grass burn off? We have 2-3 acres we would like to burn.


Mills County Iowa over 5 years ago

aronia berries

We are a small family who planted five acres of aronia berries. I have searched for services for harvesting our berries and also have called and emailed a family farm where the berries were purchased six yrs ago. I do not get any response from them. Is there a place you can direct me to find services to harvest these berries as they will be ready the end of August.


Mills County Iowa almost 3 years ago

4-H club in a county other than residence

Hi could you please tell me if we are allowed to enroll our children in another County's 4-H club other than where we reside? We open enrolled our children to a different school this year in another county and they would like to join the club that their peers are in. Thank you!


Mills County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Grants available

I am inquiring if there are any grants available for farmers?


Mills County Iowa over 5 years ago

How to tell if Pampas Grass is dormant or dead?

In Spring 2016 I planted a single pampas grass from my local nursery along with 10 boxwood plants. The boxwood are thriving. The pampas grass grew nicely last summer and produced a nice plume. In early Spring 2017, I cut back the dead growth (leaving 5-6 inches above the ground). So far I am not seeing any signs of growth. Is that normal? Is it a late summer plant? I am in SW Iowa and we have had both rain and sun. I live on the bottom of a north slope. The soil is good though we have had much mole activity for the first time. I planted the pampas grass amid a stand of day lilies which are just now blooming and my nearby hosta plants all came up like gang busters and they are only 20 feet away. I spoke with a farm neighbor and she said she lost a pampas grass plant to winter kill because we did not have enough snow cover. I noticed my yucca plant which has been around for 15 years appeared dead, but recently a new plant is sprouting from the side of the old plant.


Mills County Iowa about 2 years ago

I need to redo a perennial garden yet this fall. How late do I dare wait? I...

I need to redo a perennial garden yet this fall. How late do I dare wait? I need our contractor to get done 1st.


Mills County Iowa horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

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