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How do I prune hydrangeas both to shape them and to encourage blooming?

I have both the old-fashioned "snowball bush" plant with white blooms, turning green and then dry brown. I also have the new varieties (Endless Summer) that bloom pink or blue all summer long. The branches on both varieties are white and somewhat hollow appearing now. How do I prune these to control the shrub shape and to encourage as much blooming as possible?


Marion County Iowa about 6 years ago

Pine trees dying

Good morning...Last year we had to cut down 10 pine trees because they were dead. It is starting again this year. In a month, a beautiful tree goes from being green to being entirely brown. Is there anything we can do to stop it?



Marion County Iowa about 6 years ago

wry neck in young pheasants

How should I treat wry neck in young red golden pheasants? My birds are about 6 weeks old and 3 out of 12 developed this condition about 3 weeks ago. I have tried small oral doses of liquid baby vitamins for the past 2 weeks but don't see any improvement. They eat and drink but can not hold up their heads. I really want to save these birds.


Marion County Iowa almost 5 years ago

I'm trying to log in for the essential training, was in moodles they sent to...

I'm trying to log in for the essential training, was in moodles they sent to my e-mail a link. I copy and pasted and it did not work when I went to try it again the e-mail was gone. Any idea on what should do next


Marion County Iowa over 3 years ago

Can I safely ship homemade bread, brownies, cookies?

I would like to mail these to Fort Worth, Texas, : Hill AFB Utah, : Des Moines, Iowa for Thanksgiving. Are they safe to mail and how would I package them so they will stay fresh? I have looked for articles On Usda and Usps website and it wasn't enough information. I need this info soon. Thank You for all your help.


Marion County Iowa over 6 years ago

Slow Growth of Tomato plants

I transplanted 4 nice Tomato plants of different varieties from a Greenhouse into my garden on the 24th of May. I did it the same way I have done it for years. This year all of them have nice green foliage but seem to be standing still as far as growth. I don't remember this being normal from years before or am I expecting to much? Thanks, Dick


Marion County Iowa about 3 years ago

Fox Damage

How can we prevent Foxes from causing damage and digging under our fence? The are tearing up our flower gardens pretty badly. We live in town in Knoxville and have tried daily filling the holes, blocking them with stakes and now landscape bricks. Please help!


Marion County Iowa about 5 years ago


where in the Knoxville area can I purchase soil, compost and/or mulch in bulk for my raised beds? we have no major nurseries in the area.


Marion County Iowa about 6 years ago

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