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Trustee fees

What are the rates charged in Iowa by trustees of a trust that are not related to the trust owners? There is farm land that is rented for cash rent to one person and a RE contract on the homestead that is for 20 years. The farm land is row crop and pasture. There is also a contract on the sale of stock cows that is for 5 years.


Mahaska County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Is this a cockroach?

Is this a cockroach and what kind? The picture makes it seem black, but it’s more of a tan color. I just killed two in my house and have seen a few more under my water heater but haven’t been able to get to them.


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Mahaska County Iowa about 1 year ago

There are 1.6 acres of walnut trees on a farm I want to purchase. If the...

There are 1.6 acres of walnut trees on a farm I want to purchase. If the trees are harvested, will crops such as corn,soybeans and clover grow there? I'm concerned about the toxicity.


Mahaska County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Thaw & Reheat pre-cooked pork loin

We have a whole pre-cooked pork loin that has been frozen. Please let me know the best way to thaw and re-heat for a large family gathering. Thank you!


Mahaska County Iowa over 4 years ago

Unknown Grass Type

I have a lawn filled with various grasses. I am in the process of treating the lawn with Trimec Plus in an effort to eliminate the unwanted broadleaf weeds & grasses (thus the dying grass in the image). The large patch of light colored grass noted below seems impervious to any type of weed treatment, but I want to eliminate it so that I have only a nice lawn of thin bladed dark green grass remaining. The IMG_5371 shows the shade difference between the wanted/unwanted grasses. Can you help me identify the type of grass that I am dealing with and offer a suggestion for the elimination of it?


Mahaska County Iowa almost 3 years ago

Rock versus Mulch in full sun for landscaping?

Behind our house (south side) I have 3 dwarf alberta spruce, 3 spirea and inbetween I have a row of Boxwood. Right now the ground is bare dirt. The majority of this area can get 10 or 11 hours of full sun during the summer.
My husband and I are debating putting mulch or landscape rock down after putting a weed barrier fabric down. I've read that the rock will heat up the ground. I know mulch won't heat up the ground. The rock should last forever but, the mulch we will need to add every 2 years or so..

Thoughts on which to use?
I will use the same material around the rest of the house also. I have different plants around the house.


Mahaska County Iowa mulch landscaping about 3 years ago

179 depreciation deduction

We file form 4835 Farm Rental. Are we allowed to use the 179 deduction on a single purpose agricultural building?


Mahaska County Iowa over 4 years ago


CAn you can concord grapes whole?


Mahaska County Iowa about 6 years ago

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