Madison County, Iowa

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Is it too late to plan a cluster redbud tree?

I bought this tree early last week before the temperatures plunged. Can I still plant it this weekend when the temperatures rise? If not, can I still plant it next spring? If so, how do I store it for winter?


Madison County Iowa over 4 years ago

Eliminating Hornets

What's the best way to get rid of a hornet 'family'? I can't mow a portion of my back yard until they're gone. Now my hands are itching because of being stung between the thumb and 1st finger. I thought they were yellow jackets, but after researching 'stinging insects', it's a hornet!!! I'm on a fixed budget and need information on how to get rid of them in the most economical way.


Madison County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Farm Equipment Rental

I am trying to find out the cost to rent a John Deere Planter for 260 acres to plan this spring. Also, what would be the cost to rent a JD 8420 MFWD Tractor to pull the planter. Madison County. Let me know. 515-205-0111 or


Madison County Iowa about 4 years ago


What is this? It is vining up our evergreen tree. It reminds me of poison ivy



Madison County Iowa almost 3 years ago

Releasing balloons at a wedding

I am getting married this fall in Winterset Iowa and would like to have about 100 balloons released after the ceramony. we will be using 11", helium filled,latex balloons and a short piece of twine to hang on too. Some say that they are harmful and others say the explode into tiny pieces once they get high enough. Is there any rules or laws that I need to know about before doing this?


Madison County Iowa almost 6 years ago

LIFE news article

I just read article in DMRegister (Dec. 2) about" Life " helping older adults stay active. Do we have such a program in Madison county and if so how do I find out about it?


Madison County Iowa over 5 years ago


We are buying a 5.7 acre timber lot north of Winterset where we plan to build a home. Is there anyone that can help me identify the right trees to remove. We want to tag all of the trees that should be left alone. your thoughts?


Madison County Iowa over 4 years ago

Saving bees

We have an old silver maple tree in our back yard and bees have recently been making their home in a large home in the trunk of the tree. I do not want to kill any bees. They are precious but I was wondering whether there is any way to relocate their hive in the tree. It is very close to my deck and hot tub and I worry about getting stung.


Madison County Iowa about 2 years ago

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