Lucas County, Iowa

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We found this in our hay field. Not sure what it is. It’s 6 inches by 4 inches and weighs around 8 pounds. Can you please help?



Lucas County Iowa 12 months ago

Land value in Lucas County

What would be the value per acre of mostly timber land in Lucas County. I have 50 acres of prime turkey and deer hunting land and was wondering what it may be worth.


Lucas County Iowa over 5 years ago

Prairie fire crabapple tree

I got my tree may 2017 planted it and watered. This year my tree has no buds but the tree is red in color and the little branches are not brittle the will bend . Do I need to wait and see what it does next year ? Or is it dieing?


Lucas County Iowa about 2 years ago

Replanting rhubard

Can you tell up a rhubarb bed and replant in same spot?


Lucas County Iowa 3 months ago

Soil testing

Where can I get a soil ph testing kit?


Lucas County Iowa about 7 years ago

lawn mower

is their a lawn mower race or pull if their is how old do u have to be??


Lucas County Iowa about 5 years ago

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