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"Rock" Identification

We had someone stop into the office wanting help in identifying this "rock" that he found on the side of the road in our area. I have attached 2 photos to help with identification. Any help you could give would be great!



Louisa County IA over 2 years ago


Do you know of any program that pays for or helps pay for ponds to be built on farms for wildlife conservation?? I'm in Louisa county. Thanks


Louisa County IA over 2 years ago

Large Hay Bale coverage

I recently had a farmer inquire about where to find clear coverage for large hay bales in our area. I think he is wanting the clear rolls that go over multiple bales at one time. Can you point him in the right direction to purchase this type of material?


Louisa County IA about 4 years ago

How do we start a small family egg business?

We would like information concerning licenses/certificates that we must get in order to start a small poultry farm. We are only going to have egg layers and were wondering what is needed to get this small farm established and make sure we have all licenses/certificates completed per Iowa Law.


Louisa County IA over 6 years ago

What type of squash/gourd is this?

Is it edible?


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Louisa County IA almost 4 years ago

Caterpillar worms in my STORE bought strawberries

What are those caterpillar like worms in my strawberries?
Little back story: got them out of the fridge and bit into one. Seen the creepy worms and spit my piece of strawberry out. Went and cut all strawberries apart and there were TONS of worms in my strawberries.
Am I going to get a parasite from eating a strawberry with a worm in it?


Louisa County IA over 2 years ago

local wheat

What variety of wheat would best be suited for my local environment? It will be used for making bread on a hobby level. Only a small patch in the garden will be used for growing it so yield per plant is more important than yield per acre. Also an heirloom, land race, or one of the more ancient varieties would be preferred. I would also like to know when to plant and spacing. Please keep in mind that I live in the Mississippi River flood plane and the plants are liable to get wet feet for an extended time in the spring. Thanks for your help. Stu Perkins


Louisa County IA over 4 years ago

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