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raised bed garden

Do you have information or a publication about how to build a raised bed garden?

Linn County IA over 4 years ago

Ash tree problem

We just had a tree service gut trim our ash tree and her suggested it might be dying. Do you have a tree expert who could look at it to make sure it doesn’t have an emerald ash borer infestation?

Linn County IA almost 1 year ago

Road salt damaged lawn

I've raked + blown off the sand, flushed the soil with water - tilled, removed debris, and finally laid down tarps (to prevent dandelion/helicopter seeds). 200 sq ft of lawn. I think it's now ready for grass seed..? Issue: City plows push heaps of snow, road salt and sand onto this area, and it's killed everything (except of course the all mighty dandelion). I'm guessing I need a turf type Tall Fescue (for salt resistance - outside of Wheatgrass which is too ugly for a lawn). QUESTION: Where can I find just plain Tall Fescue grass seed - Without being a mix of Ryegrass/Bluegrass or other grasses that will quickly die next spring due to the winter road salt? I only need about 2-3 lbs. AND what soil amendments do I add before putting down this type of grass seed? - IF in fact Tall Fescue is the resolve to my dilemma. Will peat moss be enough to cover it (hide from birds and keep moisture in) - OR - is it best simply to go to the city recycling area to get free compost dirt to cover it up with? Which is better? Do any municipalities (Cedar Rapids) have a program to plant grass seed on city right of ways? Thanks in advance! There are many of us who want to know how to solve this problem.

Best Regards,
Kris D.

Linn County IA about 6 years ago


If someone got matried thrn later on got a devorce and hot stuck with some bill that was not theres, if they was to get re married would that or could that bill get dropped? Or will that carry over?

Linn County IA almost 4 years ago

This is my third email with a picture (sorry again but couldn't upload more...

This is my third email with a picture (sorry again but couldn't upload more than one). Wanting to know what it is and if edible. This is a better picture of the berry from my second email.Thank you so much for your assistance


Linn County IA about 6 years ago

Pruning lilacs

We have a row of lilac bushes with foliage and blooms 6 feet or higher between our house and our neighbors. The lower stems and branches below are bare. Can we severely prune the bushes back to the bare branches to control the bushes size and try to encourage growth on the lower branches? Or will it harm or kil the lilacs?

Linn County IA about 2 years ago

Family based climate literacy

I'm looking for a climate literacy educational effort focused on families and communities. We have an active local foods,healthy living, safe community movement and I'd like to integrate climate education for families and community leaders at the local level. I'm interested in anyone who has implemented the master volunteer concept including master gardeners, FCS master food preservers, master composters, master conservationists, master home energy volunteers, etc. as well as integrating an element of permaculture in urban spaces,

Linn County IA over 4 years ago

Termite eradication

My condo Association has had termites on and off for 40 years. Our original contract in the 80's was for Chloradane drilled into all buildings and units. This held us for years. Of course this chemical is nolonger legal to use. Our company is offering a bait system. they put bait in some containers placing them under the soil creating an exterior barricade so that the termites will eat then bring it back to the colony and hopefully poisons the colony. Is this a practical solution and an effective one for treating fresh colonies on our grounds?

Linn County IA over 4 years ago

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