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I used coca bean mulch in my annual and perenial flower beds this year. Since we received so much rain lately, the mulch is like "mush". Should I remove it and use a different mulch? What do you recomend? Would moldy mulch encourage fungus on roses and flowers?

Lee County IA about 7 years ago

Free Programs

I am looking for a free program(s) that can be presented at the Keokuk Public Library. I am wondering do you offer any? I don't have a specific subject, just looking for something to present to the public that they might be interested in. I look forward to hearing from you.


Lee County IA over 4 years ago

Hackberry tree chlorosis

I have a question about hackberry trees that are normal, but the leaves have significant chlorosis on most of the leaves. Can you help me as to the cause and is there anything that can be done to help them?


Hackberry__1_300x300%2523 Hackberry__2_300x300%2523

Lee County IA about 1 month ago

Name the bird

This bird has been hanging around the birdbath during late afternoons. Can you tell me what kind of bird it is? I'm wondering if he is responsible for all the piles of feathers from smaller birds I have been finding, or perhaps a neighborhood cat is guilty. Thanks!



Lee County IA almost 7 years ago

Growing Asparagus

Can I use Preem Weed Preventer on my asparagus patch.? If so when & how do I apply it?


Lee County IA about 7 years ago

Lawn soil tests

How do you get soil from your lawn tested? How many samples?


Lee County IA about 5 years ago

Rhubarb blight or spots

my rhubarb gets brown spots. The stalks turn yellow & fall over. How do I treat it?


Lee County IA about 5 years ago

Is this a golden eagle?

A friend photographs wildlife around Keokuk. He took this pic because it is the largest eagle he has seen, about a head taller than the bald eagles. There is a debate whether it is a juvenile bald eagle or a golden. What do you think?



Lee County IA over 1 year ago

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