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Greenspire Littleleaf linden tree dying

We have two Greenspire littleleaf linden trees that are 28 years old. One looks fine and the other one is dying. It looks like about 1/3 of the tree on the west side is dead and the rest of the tree has much less foliage than is normal and the leaves are lighter green. We thought last year this tree looked a little lighter green in color but didn't think much of it until this year when so little of it leafed out. Any suggestions as to how we can save our tree? I don't see any borers, but am not sure what exactly to look for and where to look.The third picture I have sent shows part of the dying tree with the healthy linden in the background. Thanks.


Dying_tree_300x300%2523 Dying_tree_leaf_close-up_300x300%2523 Dying_tree_branches_with_healthy_tree_in_backgroud_300x300%2523

Kossuth County IA about 3 years ago


Is there a way to determine if a cottonwood tree (I am estimating is 100 years old) needs to be cut down. I love the tree and it provides great shade in the summer. It had a "twin", a double tree, that I think shared a root base, but separate trunks. The twin was apparently struck by lightening years ago and I had that side downed in 2007, leaving 12-15 ft. of the trunk. There has always been 'dead' limbs in the tree, but I really want to know if I need to take rest of tree, as if it falls on it's own it would damage house. Do you have anyone, who can assess the tree. I live in Swea City, 50590


Kossuth County IA over 3 years ago

Colorado Blue Spruce Dying?

I have a very tall old blue spruce in my front yard. It's probably 60 feet and maybe 80 yrs old. So far it has been healthy, but this summer it has started losing most of the needles about half way up the tree, and the branches appear to be dead. The top and bottom sections seem ok. Is it just stressed from the heat and drought, or could something else be wrong? If it decides to come down it could take out a lot of my house!


Kossuth County IA almost 7 years ago

Aronia Berries

What does it take to grow aronia berries we have about 8 acres we would like use is there any help out there getting started??


Kossuth County IA about 6 years ago

Bugs in apples

We are having trouble with bugs in our apples. I think it has been referred to as railroad rot. We have been hearing that all apples should be picked up from under the tree. A friend has a new orchard and has no problem with bugs. When I was a child I remember people talking about lime sulfur used as a spray on trees. I don't know if that is still available or not. If I would spray the ground under the tree would that help? I have a partial bag of pure sulfur in my shop that I have used around plants that prefer an acid soil and it does wonders. Or what if I would mix it with some lime? Any suggestions? Gerhald Maass 4506 240 Avenue Buffalo Center Iowa 50424


Kossuth County IA over 3 years ago

Native Iowa Prairie plants

I would like to start a backyard prairie garden-- on my hill/slope in my back yard....Would like some suggestions on the plants to use. Want to use some to attract birds-butterflies-dragonflies-hummingbirds--ETC. Suggestions???


Kossuth County IA almost 4 years ago

honey dew melons

my mature melons have developed spots on the rind. They seem to get progressively worse from one melon to the other as the melon seems to mature. I've never run into this situation in past years.


Kossuth County IA almost 5 years ago

How to can safely

I am a first time canner & scared to death to try now that I bought equipment. Interested in salsa, peppers, tomatoes, pickles, & jam. Do you have instructions, and/or recipe books? Specifically I want to use fresh lime juice vs vinegar or lemon in salsa, I only want to make 4-8, 1/2 pints


Kossuth County IA almost 4 years ago

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