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Black Spot on Clover #2

I just sent in a ? on black spot in Keokuk County, I forgot to mention the black spots were on white clover. I have not been in the pasture where the red clover is growing as yet, no grazing is done there.

Keokuk County Iowa over 4 years ago

Proper storage of round bales of hay

I've always had square bales but this year the hay guy did round bales. I don't have inside storage so are they ok sitting in the pasture? Horses can't get to them. Also, they are grass only.


Keokuk County Iowa almost 5 years ago


I have spotted a wolf twice in the past year and am curious as to their habitat. Should I be cautious for my horses and cats? I live in western Keokuk County just west of Sigourney.


Keokuk County Iowa about 5 years ago

Master Gardener hr requirement

I already am a Master Gardener but I have forgotten what the new 2015 requirements are for Volunteer hours and Educational hours. I know they have changed.


Keokuk County Iowa over 2 years ago

Clover Kids

My 2 kids are in Clover kids and I have seen they can show bottle goats and lambs. I was wondering how I can get some more info on this.


Keokuk County Iowa over 5 years ago

Harrowing pasture & spraying weeds

How long do I wait to put my horses back on pasture after using a harrow to break up the manure? Can I spray for weeds now in the pasture that will be used only for cutting and baling? These are 2 separate pastures I'm referring to.


Keokuk County Iowa almost 5 years ago

honey bee death

hi, we have had a honey bee hive residing in our home eves for at least 50+ years but over the last month i have found several hundred dead honey bees on the ground under the hive site. the bees have never been a problem for our family other than occasionally stepping on one, resulting in a sting. any ideas on what is causing the sudden radical deaths? what are the chances they will return to a thriving colony in the spring? if not, do we need to remove the abdandoned hive site? if so, any suggestions on who locally might we contact to do the work? thank you for any help you can offer. i am kind of sad to see them go as they have been a part of our home and life for such a long time:) sincerely, dana miller ollie, iowa


Keokuk County Iowa about 5 years ago

Conner Cemetery

Would like to know who to contact regarding available burial plots. Both of husbands parents are buried there.


Keokuk County Iowa over 3 years ago

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