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Can I revoke and easement which now has public access?

we have an easement that is currently being used by a nuisance neighbor. He continually leaves his things on our property because of some reason that if he leaves it there long enough it can become contested as his? My question is how do we revoke this easement? I have heard this is virtually impossible. However, his property recently became accessible on the opposite side (0.7 miles) around the block, from a public road. We are tired of being abused by this neighbor and would like to make him use the public access. Is it possible to revoke an easement?


Jones County Iowa over 4 years ago

Does this problem look like flea beetle? I saw a couple very tiny black bugs....

Does this problem look like flea beetle? I saw a couple very tiny black bugs. The foliage is curling and the leaves have holes? If so, what should I use? If not, then what?



Jones County Iowa insect issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Online GAP traing

When will the online GAP training courses be available?


Jones County Iowa over 2 years ago

What is it

Could someone help me identify this


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Jones County Iowa disease issues cactus plant identification about 3 years ago


How do you get rid of pigeons? They are roosting above our store building on mainstreet and making a mess on the sidewalk, down the building and windows. We have tried rubber snakes, to scare them away. But that hasn't helped. If you have any remedies for this please advise. Thank you, Dionne Prull


Jones County Iowa about 3 years ago

Columbines cross-pollinate and hybridize freely


I have several species and want to make sure that they don't cross-pollinate. How far apart should I plant them?

I have the Carmen pink which I let self seed which it does very nicely. I started out with one plant and now that entire area of about 20+ feet has filled in between my day lilies and butterfly weed.

I also have bell pink that I let self seed and it has stayed pretty much around and under my small tree. My bell white that has never self seeded and is under a maple which might be the reason. I will have to try and plant it's seeds.

I have a blue with white that self seeded and this year looks like it is filling in nicely in front of my clematis.

I just bought the purple and white and another blue and white variety so now, how far apart should I keep these guys from the others? Seems so far I am doing good but want to keep it that way.

Thanks for your guidance.



Jones County Iowa over 1 year ago

acesulflame and sucralose

are these ingredients safe to drink-I noticed them listed on the Old Orchard pomegranate, blueberry, acai drink label


Jones County Iowa about 4 years ago

Minimum Wage

I'm a reporter for the Journal Eureka doing a story on minimum wage. I'm looking for a professor or economist that could give some incite on the consequences of a minimum wage increase.


Jones County Iowa economics about 4 years ago

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