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Dung Beetles

Hi, We live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs, hence lots of doggy excrement. It seems to hang around forever, even in the Spring and Summer. We're wondering if it's legal to import dung beetles and, if so, where we might find a source for them? Thanks, Russ


Jefferson County Iowa over 5 years ago


What in the heck is this thing?



Jefferson County Iowa almost 5 years ago

What type of tree

I am wanting to identify this type of tree


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Jefferson County Iowa almost 4 years ago

What tyoe of plant is this?

I forgot what i planted in my garden for a fall harvest. Is this a weed or vegetable?



Jefferson County Iowa almost 4 years ago

sour milk used in baking

Can ultra pasteurized milk which has soured cause illness if used in baking a cake?


Jefferson County Iowa almost 3 years ago

Medical bills for minors

If a parent doesn't pay a medical bill for a child, when that child becomes an adult, are they responsible for the bill?


Jefferson County Iowa over 7 years ago

Bradford Pear Tree

This tree has slowly went down in its appearance. We have 2 trees and 1 is doing fine. It looks healthy and has bright green leaves. The one has pale green leaves and just looks unhealthy. When summer is over its leaves turn brown and fall off early.


Jefferson County Iowa about 5 years ago

treating powdery mildew in 90 degree weather

Dear Expert,
I always get powdery mildew on my lilac and on my honeysuckle in the summer. I treat them with neem oil in the early spring but probably don't get it on every surface because I have been using a little pump sprayer, and I'm sure I don't get every leaf top and bottom that way. By mid July, I've got powdery mildew. The instructions for soap spays to slow it down and for neem oil (Ferti Loam Triple Action) both say not to use it when the temperatures are hot. Since the temperatures are hot most days this summer in Iowa, I haven't been spraying. Am I correctly understanding the instructions? Does it mean only not to spray during the hot part of the day? Or does it mean not to spray if it is going to be hot in the afternoon that day? How can I control powdery mildew after it has gotten going?


Jefferson County Iowa almost 2 years ago

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