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The latest excuse for farm subsidies is without them we may have to rely on other nations for food like we do for oil....I can grow food in my backyard so why is it an issue???.....Maybe because each family farm is worth 2 1/2 votes on election day?????.....DON'T CALL ME!!!!!!

Jasper County Iowa over 3 years ago

forage feeding by feed value

I have a commercial Alfalfa business providing small square bale alfalfa/alfalfa grass mix hay to several horse owners. I was wondering if their is someone I can talk to about making recommendations on feeding rate based on the quality of the forage I am providing? For example, based on a sample analysis how much hay with a RFV of 150 would I need to feed a 1200 lb horse getting limited exercise verses hay with a 190 RFV.


Jasper County Iowa over 1 year ago

ancient stone axe

Who can tell me how old this stone axe (not chert or flint) I found? Who might have made them (2) +pieces and stone chips?



Jasper County Iowa about 4 years ago

Home canning with pressure cooker

I heard that I could get my pressure pot checked to make sure it is safe to use at the DMACC campus in Newton. Is this correct information? When and where do they do this if they have this program?


Jasper County Iowa over 5 years ago

Weeping willow dying

My beautiful. Willow tree appears to be slowly dying. There has been no new growth for two years. The leaves produced are small and are turning brown. The trunk appears to be in good shape with the bark not showing any injury that would interrupt the xylem or phloem. During draught time last year, I did water it well every week. It's not a very old tree, perhaps 15 years since it was planted. It has received some storm damage the past couple of years from wind, ice and snow. It probably lost 1/3 of it's crown during this time. This tree was a gift from my youngest son, and I would hate to lose it


Jasper County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Little leaf linden leaves yellowing and dropping

We have several little leaf Linden trees on our country acreage. In the last couple of weeks the leaves have turned yellow and are dropping are they dying?


Jasper County Iowa almost 5 years ago

New seeding

we had our lawn landscaped on 6/9/16. The landscaper said water, water, water being an old farm boy. I need more precise info. Here is what i did so far. 1/4" on 6/9 evening, 1/4" on 6/10 am early. 1/2" on 6/10 evening around 6 to 8. Mother nature added 1/2" 6/11 around 2 am. I added 1/2" on 6/13 am. Shaded on East side am and West side pm. Full sun from about 10 to 5. Just wondering if to much water??? not enough water???


Jasper County Iowa about 3 years ago


When I picked up children at Day Care for a doctor's appt, I was told the children, especially the youngest, was being dropped off in the morning with wet diaper and dressed inappropriately in pajamas and not day clothes, and no extra clothes or underwear left, and might have needed bathing, and long hair not combed. I agree with all of this---children should be ready to start the day dressed and clean. I relayed the message to Dad and he is unaware of this and no body has said anything to him. When I picked up the children, the 3-year-old had a oversized 6X very dirty top on (from home) and no underwear and temp of 102. 4-year-old and 7-year-old was dressed ok, but long hair uncombed, but in a ponytail...I am Grandma and have close relationship with children and recently divorced parents. This could be a good learning experience for both parents. Can you give me some feed back and how kids should show up for daycare in Iowa


Jasper County Iowa over 2 years ago

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