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Organic Gardening

A friend and I want to start an organic fruit and vegetable garden. Some for personal use and some to sell at farmer's markets. Looking for information on how to do this. Thanks!


Jackson County Iowa over 6 years ago


Good morning! Do you have any information on pigeon clubs, or how to raise pigeons? Thank you!


Jackson County Iowa about 3 years ago

child care bottle warmer

A question has come up regarding sanitizing bottle warmers used in the child care setting. The instructions state to wipe clean with mild soap and water and to remove deposits use 2 oz. of distilled white vinegar with 4 oz. water and let sit, rinse and dry. Are there specific instructions for sanitizing bottle warmers taught in the Serve Safe class? Thank you, Heidi


Jackson County Iowa about 4 years ago

yard insects

a couple days ago I went out to cut the grass, next door was cutting theirs, and I had swarms of fuzzy things floating in my yard. I thought it was lint but I caught one and they were little balls of fuzz with ugly heads They were alive. They flew around all the while I was cutting grass but the next day I didn't see any. Today when I went out to check on the flowers I see all sorts of larger fuzz laying in the grass. One was quite large and pinkish in color, They were dormant so I just let them be. Can you tell me what they are and what I should do, if anything to get rid of them?


Jackson County Iowa almost 4 years ago

making haylage for horses

is it possible to make my own haylage for my 3 horses using a lawn tractor to cut the grass and then how do I package the haylage to keep for 6 months?


Jackson County Iowa pastures and forages hay about 4 years ago

Paw paw trees?

just read an article commenting about Paw paw fruit. it said they grew in the mid west, just wondering if there are any in eastern Iowa? Thanks much!


Jackson County Iowa 6 months ago


I had a friend ask me what is the best way to get rid of nettles in her flower bed. I'm guessing it's a perennial bed and she doesn't want to spray. This gal is about 90 years old. Thank you.


Jackson County Iowa about 3 years ago

Hi, I have a Meyer Lemon Tree that has been thriving on my deck this summer...

Hi, I have a Meyer Lemon Tree that has been thriving on my deck this summer (Eastern Iowa). It's now about two feet tall and has produced a few small lemons - and now has one golf-ball sized green lemon and several buds starting to form into lemons. With colder weather looming, I brought it inside. It's dropping leaves and buds profusely. I suppose it is lack of sunlight that's stressing it. I have it in my kitchen, in the same pot (about 12" x 12") that it was in outside. The kitchen has lots of natural daylight (with windows on three sides), but I have only small windows, high on the wall, on the south side. Shall I give up and let nature take it's course? Or is there a way to save this tree, given the constraints of my house?



Jackson County Iowa trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

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