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planting mums

Hello, Thank you for taking your time to submit your question to the OSUEMGV Ask an Expert group I have hardy fall mums and want to plant the outside but can't put them where... I have hardy fall mums and want to plant the outside but can't put them where I want them until spring. Can I plant them in a partially shaded area for the winter? Would they get settled enough to make it through the winter? Also, I planted mums last fall and they came up beautifully. They are very large and well rounded, as I did pinch back, but only once in the spring. The problem is, is that they are full of buds but aren't blooming. What's wrong? Thank you.

Iowa County Iowa about 2 years ago

Plant identification

This has been popping up throughout my flower garden. Is it a weed or flower that reseaded from last year? The leaves are fuzzy and the plants are about 5 inches tall now.

Iowa County Iowa over 2 years ago


Can you identify this insect for me.

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Iowa County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Aminopyralid contaminated home garden

I inadvertently fertilized my garden with manure containing Aminopyralid (Forefront). The peas, green beans, tomatoes and peppers all failed to grow normally or died. However, the broccoli, kale, cabbage, onions and cucumbers show no effect and have grown well. Apparently these plant species are unaffected by the chemical. Are these vegetables safe for human consumption?


Iowa County Iowa about 3 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

I need help identifying this plant. I used to be very full and beautiful but now it's very sparse. I don't want to lose it!



Iowa County Iowa horticulture plant identification about 3 years ago

Crab Tree Pruning

I have three crab trees on my lawn. When I planted these 20 years ago they were far apart. Now they have grown close together and the canopy in combination with the roots rising above the soil have just about killed all of the grass under the trees. I recently heard of the term, “Limbing-Up”. If I did this would it help improve the viability of the grass under the trees? Can I trim crab trees at this time? Thank You . Steve Johnson Johnston


Iowa County Iowa 3 months ago

mandatory reporting

Is mandatory reporting available on this site?


Iowa County Iowa over 1 year ago

bee colony removal

I have a colony of honey bees that have taken up residence in my raised bed garden. How can I have them removed?


Iowa County Iowa about 1 year ago

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