Ida County, Iowa

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Apple tree planting

Will it be ok to plant a new apple tree where we took down Scotch pines? (worried about pine needles changing soil)What dwarf apple tree do you recommend for zone 4?


Ida County Iowa almost 3 years ago

Creeping Charlie weed.

Would Weed-be- Gone work to kill creeping charlie weed, or is there something else that would work better? It is spreading in my lawn.


Ida County Iowa about 1 year ago

crop prices

What is the price of corn and soybeans in Ida County, Iowa each month for 2013? Please give me a chart if possible


Ida County Iowa over 5 years ago

Eccres assesment

I teach in a preschool in a church and and am going for my 5th star in QRS. I have a question about hand washing. Right now the children come into the class room put their stuff in their locker then go to the bathroom and wash their hands (the bathroom is right outside of the classroom) then come back in to write their names ect. Will I lose points if the children do not wash their hands inside of the classroom at the start of the day? Thanks, Kathy


Ida County Iowa over 2 years ago

Black ants on my tree trunk

There are quite a few black ants crawling on the trunk of our variegated Maple - I would guess it to be 5 years old - maybe 10 ft tall - approx 2" trunk diamater - has nice leaves - other than the ants it looks to be quite normal but I don't think this ant thing is appropriate - what do you think?


Ida County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Begger's Lice in timber

How can we get rid of begger's lice in our timber without harming sprouting trees? There is too much to pull.


Ida County Iowa 10 months ago

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