Howard County, Iowa

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brush control

Is it too late in the season to use crossbow on gooseberry bushes? 7/26/13. Also is it safe to spray crossbow in pastures with livestock present? Thank you. Victor Fencl


Howard County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Library Programs

What do you offer in the way of programs for libraries?


Howard County Iowa over 5 years ago

Per acre rentals in Howard County

Most counties have a published record of how much land is renting for in their counties. Could you send me that or tell me where to get it.


Howard County Iowa over 3 years ago

Are the white flowering plants that grow along roadways noxious?

Are the white flowering plants along roadways and in pastures noxious? Will they spread out of control?


Howard County Iowa plant identification lrk almost 5 years ago

Pig project

Do I enroll online for the fair pig project or do I need to go into the office. We are new to this, so if it is online, what are the steps?


Howard County Iowa 6 months ago

Pinching Watermelon/Canteloupe Vines

As we were very wet until July st we didn't get into the garden to plant until July 4th-5th. The watermelon are just starting to vine ; would it hurt to pinch the ends of the plants/OR leave less flowers to grow into melons,( before long), to produce less fruit but more regular size ones?
I should add that the Watermelon we plant is "Bush Sugar Baby" which the maturity date is 65 days.
The Cantaloupe we planted is either Ambrosia (approx. 88 days) and "Moneyloupe (which is 72 days).

Thank You very much for your input and for trying to answer my question!


Howard County Iowa fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

brush control

Is it too late in the season to spray brush "gooseberry bushes?" I'm in northeast Howard Co. Thank you. Victor Fencl


Howard County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Repair of 1890 limestone foundation

My house has a limestone foundation that has mortar that isn't there or is the consistency of sand. On the inside of the foundation where it is the worst, the previous owner has put a lot of something white. It looks like the cement or putty so at least I can't see holes for the rodents to come in. Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Howard County Iowa building construction almost 5 years ago

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