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HI, I am a FCS teacher. I am having most of the baked goods not rising and spreading too much. I have been trying different flour brands with some success. My students made cookies. Two types turned out and the other two spread out and were very thin. One batch I worked with the temp, oven placement, size of dough, added more flour the flour helped but the center still had a moist look to it. I had the same difficulty with the quick breads earlier this year. Any suggestions? Have you had anyone else have problems with their flour?


Henry County Iowa over 5 years ago

Lawn damage

The last two years our lawn has had some areas that look like they have been rooted by hogs( not the case). The areas heal a little during the summer, but are still pretty bad. There are completely bare spots (3- 4" dia.) and sod patches about the same size. The surface is very so uneven for mowing. What can I do? Help!


Henry County Iowa over 4 years ago

Regulations for an organization serving food

Hello, Annually, the Henry County Democrats have a fall rally at one of the Midwest Old Threshers museum buildings. We serve hamburgers and hotdogs grilled on site, and we usually bring in baked beans, coleslaw, and desserts made by people at home. I am wondering if we are following Iowa regulations and using safe practices. Please let me know where I can find guidelines for such an event. We do sell tickets.


Henry County Iowa about 7 years ago


I have sprayed my arbovites 3 times this year so far with maliathon and I am still getting the bags on them is there something else I can use? I still continue to pick them off. Anything I can use? Help ?


Henry County Iowa 3 months ago

Map of natural springs in south east Iowa

Grew up in SE Iowa (Mt. Pleasant) ... now in Colorado ... but now wanting to buy small acreage SE Iowa (Mt. Pleasant) or build a home on land that has a natural spring feeding a creek/pond. Is there a map that helps one or a resource available ... Thank You ... Brad C.


Henry County Iowa about 1 month ago


I have attached a picture of the separation of the ground around this ash tree. I have never seen anything like this before, as well as others. What causes that? We did take the tree down as there wasn't much holding it up anymore.



Henry County Iowa over 3 years ago

Farm rent

My sister and I own a farm about 5 miles east of Mt. Pleasant and 5 miles west of New London. My sister is going to sell her half. She had an assessment done and found that a little less than half of the acres are worth about $2,000 less than the other half b/c there is a creek running though the middle and the land is slightly more sloping. She will put several acres with the cheaper half so that we each get the same monetary value. However, she wants to sell the more expensive half. My concern is that I need to use my farm rental to live on and need to keep the rental income close to the same amount that I get now. We get a flat rate per acre for rental now and I'm concerned that if she sells the better half, my rental income will decrease b/c my share will have more of the less valuable acres. I think the soil if fairly equal quality. Thank you for your help. Sharyn Manlove


Henry County Iowa almost 6 years ago

pressure canning vs water bath

I have a pressure canner and want to can salsa and pasta sauce. The instruction manual with my Presto canner said that salsa and pasta sauce should only be processed using a water bath and not through pressure cooking. Is that accurate? If I can use the pressure canner, how long would I process for pint jars and quart jars?


Henry County Iowa about 7 years ago

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