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Spotted wing drosophila

Hello, The past two years the spotted wing drosophila has cause enormous damage to my berry crops, in particular my raspberries. I need all the best recommendations you may have on dealing with this pest. I did not notice very many problems with blackberries, grapes, nor blueberries. However it seems the raspberries are the ones the fly focuses on....doesn't matter whether red, yellow, or purple varieties. Most of mine are later summer harvest varieties. Thanks!

Harrison County Iowa over 5 years ago


We have a lavender farm. There is a report from farmers in California, Oregon and other warmer climates that they have developed a virus in the soil called Pytophthora. They feel that they were given this by a certain grower of lavender. Anyway, I also got lavender from this same grower. I had a complete loss of plants last year. They looked beautiful but all died in the winter. We thought we got the wrong plants.. for a zone 8 or something. Then the development of this virus came about. I'm concerned that my field could be contaminated. We have plants that lived (different type) but had a full field of plants from this grower that we replaced thinking they were just wrong plants. Can you test for this? Would appreciate any help and direction.



Harrison County Iowa over 4 years ago

Trimming spruce trees

What is the best time of year for trimming large spruce trees? In iowa. This is a huge tree and we would like to trim off a few feet of the lower branches.


Harrison County Iowa almost 4 years ago

soy bean maturity

What is the maturity for long season soybeans, i.e. how many days to mature What is the maturity for short season soybeans? Where might I find literature about the pros and cons? I am trying to have soybeans that do not become too dry before harvest.


Harrison County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Planting of trees & wild life grass

Hi, I have a couple of questions. 1.) Are there any programs that assist with an Iowa residents whose interested in planting trees on their property? If so, who would I contact and how? Could the information be sent to me via email? 2.) Are there any programs that assist with an Iowa residents who'd be interested in planting wild grasses for Pheasants and other games birds on their property? If so, who would I contact and how? Could the information be sent to me via email? Thank you!


Harrison County Iowa over 5 years ago

Appropriate soybean maturity for circumstances

What is the appropriate soybean seed (what length maturity) to address our needs and circumstances as noted below: last year we planted a med season soybean. We harvested in September. We got yields in the high 50s; however, we lost beans due to pods breaking on the ground and beans being way drier than they had to be and we also lost a percentage due to that. We would like the plants to stay green as long as possible. We are custom harvesting so cannot control timing. We asked our seed dealers, but they were vague. We would like to have the insight to bean seed like we do corn seed. We want to pick soybean seed with the highest potential given the circumstances. Our soil tests indicate good fertility and we have minimal compacting. We want to select seeds to avoid bursting and beans dying too quickly. In addition to seed selection, what is the industry thinking on solar feeding, spraying with nitrogen to address some of the issues. Thank you.


Harrison County Iowa almost 5 years ago

Best insecticide for Japanese Beetle Control

What is the best insecticide to kill Japanese Beetles on Arona Berries?


Harrison County Iowa about 1 year ago

agave stress in Missouri Valley, Iowa

i have tried on several occasions to grow the winter-hardy varieties, and each has met with death. I have a front yard that I made all sand and gravel to a depth of 12 inches to have great drainage. I have a great variety of plants from sagebrush to imbricata and ball cactus, rabbit brush, that have grown well for 6 years, but the agaves have not fared well. I am not sure if it is still the moisture or other reasons. We have banana yucca and red yucca that has survived here but does not appear to get any larger than when they were planted. Would anyone know the reason for this, as well?


Harrison County Iowa almost 8 years ago

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