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septic tank designed by University

Do you have anyone who remembers the program back in the 80's or 90's where they designed and manufactured fiber glass septic tanks? I have a 4x4x10 foot long unit with several baffles inside. Can't figure out which end is in and which is out. Patrick 641 373 3437

Hardin County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Tree wound from storm damahe

We have a very large and loved Hackberry tree in our lawn that had a large branch down due to wind. This resulted in a 4 or 5 foot tear of the bark on the main trunk of the tree. How should we treat that large wound in the trunk? Also, if we have a tree service come to finish removing this large branch, is this a safe time of the year to have other pruning on the tree?


Hardin County Iowa about 4 years ago

Septic tank designed by Iowa State University

Back in the 80's or 90's the University designed and manufactured fiberglass septic tanks. My friend got ahold of one but never used it. It has many various shaped baffles inside. Looks rather high tech. Can't figure out which end is incoming vs outgoing. It is 4x4x10 feet long with a domed top reaching another 10 inches higher. There are 2 manholes with lids, oval shaped and around 12" x 16" in size. Do you have anyone on campus who remembers the project and could give insight as to use? Patrick


Hardin County Iowa almost 7 years ago

My farm corporations

My siblings and I were given a farm corporation that my father had started I think in the 1980's. We would like some information on how to manage equally among us. My two siblings are farmers, but I am not, so we wondered how to make it profitable for all of us. We have also talked about dissolving the corporation and wanted to know how to do that. If you could please give us some direction in that area or direct us to someone who could, we'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks


Hardin County Iowa about 6 years ago

Blue Spruce Troubles

I have a stand of well established Blue Spruces and all have looked vibrant and healthy for years. Sunday I was doing some weeding because I have oats and wild flower seeds, (perennials that are to attract Monarchs, bees and hummingbirds if they ever start growing....) in that ditch. I looked up to see my one Blue Spruce losing needles like crazy! Some needles brown, the green ones dull! Birds are really enjoying the openness of this tree! I don't want to lose this tree! I did some quick research online last night and tonight but I trust your answer best. I have attached a photo showing from the very left a Cedar Tree, then the tree in question with it's two healthy siblings to it's right. I don't want to lose it of course and if you need more photos I can certainly take more and send them as need be! Thank You in Advance!



Hardin County Iowa about 4 years ago

Save our Sugar Maple!

Much to our horror, we discovered a split high up on our very old Sugar Maple. Hoping we are not going to have to have it cut down, but need to find someone who knows about these things who could take a look and advise us what to do.


Hardin County Iowa about 1 year ago

What Weed Is This?

What is this weed and how do I get rid of it?



Hardin County Iowa over 1 year ago

playing bagpipes

dors the university of iowa state have classes or instruction for playing bag pipes ?


Hardin County Iowa over 6 years ago

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