Hancock County, Iowa

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Automated colrn pest trapping

Do you know if anyone is doing automated pest trapping in Hancock or surrounding counties, i.e. counties with high densities of corn? This is an automated trapping system that catches relevant pests (corn borers), reports data over the cellular network to a secure server where the grower/extension agent can see results.



Hancock County Iowa about 1 year ago

Dead Birds

In the past few weeks we have had a number of birds die. We had two dead blackbirds, a sparrow and a large crow die. There is still evidence of the crow and the sparrow. Concern??? Please let us know. David and Becky Ziesmer 2285 260th Street Garner, Iowa 50438 563-542-2344


Hancock County Iowa environment birds human-wildlife issues wildlife almost 5 years ago

Odd looking bee?

I've never seen a bee quite like this before. It's congregating on some exposed "hot" grass clipping in the process of decomposing.

(edit). I figured it out. It's a yellow dung fly


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Hancock County Iowa about 2 years ago

Spider identification

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is please? Thank you. Tricia.



Hancock County Iowa spiders almost 3 years ago

Pine tree tops dying

I have pine trees that are over 100 years old. The tops are dying. Is there anything I can do and what causes this?


Hancock County Iowa 2 months ago

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