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This year, I have planted some potatoes out in tires. I know that potatoes...

This year, I have planted some potatoes out in tires. I know that potatoes will grow in tires but why do people plant potatoes in tires? Is it because they take up less space? Because they look cool? Thanks!


Hamilton County Iowa fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 4 years ago

Rhubarb planting

How deep should rhubarb roots be planted? No instructions came with the order. Thanks


Hamilton County Iowa rhubarb horticulture almost 6 years ago

Boiled Eggs

How long do boiled eggs last in the refrigerator?


Hamilton County Iowa about 6 years ago

Back yard chickens

We have 10 young hens and one rooster on our acreage. The rooster died yesterday of no apparent cause. Where can I go to find out why he died?


Hamilton County Iowa over 3 years ago

Hollyhocks catapillar

I just want to know if the catapillar on my hollyhocks is a friend or a foe.


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Hamilton County Iowa almost 2 years ago

Is it safe to eat medicated turkeys?

I have a turkey we have treated with metronidazole for blackhead. Will we be able to eat her? If we can, how long should we wait after treatment? She was also wormed with albendazole. Same question for that medication.


Hamilton County Iowa food safety poultry lrk over 3 years ago

Oak leaves

I have two oak trees and something is eating the leaves almost as fast as the tree can produce them. I don't see webs and what leaves I can reach, I don't see anything. Ideas? Something to try? The trees are 20 years old so they are established and fairly large.


Hamilton County Iowa almost 3 years ago

wild animal scat

i was keeping my barn cat food, both dry and canned, in the barn in a sealed container until a wild animal figured out how to get into the container, at which time i moved it up to the house, but kept the canned cat food in a box, still in the barn, thinking it would be safe. think again. i went down for morning farm chores to find a dozen cans opened and empty, and another 8 to 10 with what looked like something tried to open the cans, with the flip openers either bent or completely off. there was three piles of scat. picture enclosed. i'm thinking this is from a pretty big raccoon. each one of these poopies pictured is about the size of a large tootsie roll. could you verify what animal this came from ? ... thanks. much appreciated.



Hamilton County Iowa almost 4 years ago

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