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The forgetful Canner

I recently raw packed garden salsa but can't remember if I added lemon juice, I was wondering if I did a PH test that I would know if the fruit was usable.

Guthrie County Iowa over 4 years ago

Poison parsnip

I recently came in contact with something that caused blisters all over my arms, legs and face, and am trying to determine what it was. I had been pulling weeds, without gloves two weeks ago, and didn't notice anything, but one week ago, these blisters started popping up and spreading. There is a plant in this area, which looks like poison parsnip, but the flowers are fading and dirty white, not yellow. How can I identify this plant correctly?


Guthrie County Iowa almost 3 years ago


can I use basil that has gone to seed to make pesto (without the cheese) to freeze/


Guthrie County Iowa almost 4 years ago

What type of mushroom is growing on my elm stump?

I have a beautiful, large mushroom growing out of an elm stump in my front yard here at Lake Panorama. (Please see the attached picture.) Can you help identify it?



Guthrie County Iowa mushrooms mushroom identification over 5 years ago

whitish color to bluegrass blades

I have an established lawn. For last couple of years i have noticed above problem. Mostly limited to shady areas. Thanks


Guthrie County Iowa about 3 years ago

Connecting Land Owners with "Farmers"

I own a parcel of land in Guthrie County that used to be an apple orchard. I have always had an interest in farming but lack the knowledge/skills. To make a long story short, I am wondering if there are any programs that connect people looking for land to farm with property owners that don't have the expertise to do so. I am interested in connecting with someone interested in specialty crop farming versus row crops. Thank you for your time.


Guthrie County Iowa about 5 years ago

When to spray fruit trees

I have Apple, Peach, and Cherry trees I planted last year. they are 6-8' tall now & I was wondering when I should spray them & what with?


Guthrie County Iowa about 5 years ago

silt basins

I'am a director of the Lake Panorama Association. We have several silt basins that are full. I would like know if we can farm these basins. They have many rocks that are 12 inches plus in diameter. I believe if we are going to farm this ground they will need to be removed. I do know there is equipment to remove but I have no idea of the cost of the machine (buy or rent)or the cost per acre to do this (economical to do). Charles Schnack 5156 Panorama Dr. Panora, Ia 20216 641-755-2531


Guthrie County Iowa over 5 years ago

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