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facts about foxes

I have foxes in my yard I live in town, I want to know more about them, their habits, their diet, how safe is my small dog, and my family. As most animals that have adapted to urban life do not seem to fear humans, just need to more about foxes


Greene County IA over 5 years ago


Why have the flowers in the flower beds grown so tall this year? The lilies are six feet tall.


Greene County IA over 3 years ago

Using Fresh Pears

I've been given a peck of pears .... they are beautiful, just picked, and HARD as a rock. We've waited all summer, a few have fallen but these are PICKED. It's Oct 23. If I wait till they soften, they may rot. Do they need a frost? or just peel and slice and poach? There are way too many of them to allow them to waste away. Thank you for any ideas



Greene County IA about 2 years ago

brown spots on cherries

We have a mature (10-12 yrs)north star sour cherry tree. The past two harvest have been plagued with brown spots on the surface that damages the flesh to the pit. We've not found worms. it looks like a bruise but I don't think it is because the spots can appear anywhere, on the top, the bottom or on the sides of the fruit. It's on a large percentage of the fruit and seems to be worse this year than last. Any suggestions? thank you


Greene County IA over 3 years ago

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