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Grain Bank Conract

I work for a farmer who is delivering grain to the Chapin Elevator and has an agreement with a feed mill in Allison to bank an equivalent amount of corn there. Basically, it is a 1:1 swap of ownership of the corn from Chapin to Allison. The feed mill then provides feed for the farmer's hog operation. Can you recommend a contract to protect all parties in this type of arrangement?


Franklin County Iowa about 1 year ago

Ms. Jeanne Plagge

Where may I secure an Iowa free form to terminate a farm ground rental lease? My husband, who always took care of our farm ground leasing, has passed away. I want to make certain I do this correctly. I gave a verbal notice in January, but realize it must be followed by a written notice. Thank you very much for your help.


Franklin County Iowa about 2 years ago

Cherry trees

Where in Iowa can a person buy White & Black Gold cherry trees?


Franklin County Iowa about 6 years ago

Farm Law

where can I find the form for first right of offering farm land in Iowa for sale or purchasing farm land in Iowa?


Franklin County Iowa over 2 years ago

Oat pellets for horse feed

Do you know of a location in Iowa where oat pellets are processed for feed.


Franklin County Iowa over 5 years ago

site registeation

the link on the state web site for registration of bee hives does no bring up the registration form
I have a site I need to register.
thanks Stan Siems


Franklin County Iowa about 3 years ago

mowing rates

what are the 2017 crp mowing rates per acre


Franklin County Iowa about 2 years ago


I have a small Arab mare who is in her mid teens and is a rescue. She has had many bouts of foundering, if that is how it should be put, and has suffered from many abscesses on her front hooves. I was told she could go out to pasture, just plain grass, and she had been fed 2 pounds of senior feed a day. I let her out on pasture just for a few hours in the morning and did feed her the feed and her papers also said that I could up her feed if she needed it so I did and she was getting along great and putting on weight until a week ago when she dropped about 20 pounds. Our vets rate horses on a scale of one to five and when I got her she was a 1-1/2 and I got her up to 2-1/2 until a week ago. Her skin was clearing up and she had a bounce in her step even though her front hooves are in awful shape. She is now in worse shape then when I got her. I need help with how and what to feed her. I have been doing some reading over the net and can not believe how many vets do not agree on any thing and I come away more confused then ever. We use to raise horses and I have NEVER in my life been around a horse that has foundered so most of this is new to me. I did get some beet pulp, because contrary to peoples belief beet pulp does not have sugar in it even though it is from sugar beets. This I do know because my uncle works at the sugar beet plant and has had the beet pulp tested for me just to show me that once it is processed no sugar remains. Anyway, Sapphire is wasting away to nothing in front of my eyes and I need HELP getting her back on her feet. Her hooves do not grow so it has been hard to try to trim them to help make her better. I also have not wormed her because I am worried it may be to hard on her in the shape she is in. Can anyone help me save this horse? Any help at this time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Michaelyn


Franklin County Iowa almost 3 years ago

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