Floyd County, Iowa

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Pond weeds

We have green stuff on our pond that we thought was duckweed. We would like to know for sure what it is and how to get rid of it. We applied fluridone this spring but does not seem to have helped. Who do we contact to determine what it is? our pond is less than 1/4 acre



Floyd County Iowa about 6 years ago

pond weeds

We have a questions about finding out what the green stuff on our pond is. we thought it was duckweed and applied fluridone but it did not help. How can we determine what it is and how to get rid of it. We have fish, turtles, toads and frogs so don't want to apply anything that will kill them. Our pond is small less than 1/4 acre maybe 1/8 acre. Any help would be appreciated.


Floyd County Iowa about 6 years ago

Green beans

Something is cutting/eating the tops of my green bean plants. It leaves the beans alone, but just takes the tops off. Any ideas of the cause and/or cure? Thank you!


Floyd County Iowa about 3 years ago

Ag equipment rates

Where can I find rates for agriculture equipment


Floyd County Iowa almost 4 years ago

Apple Tree

I have an apple tree planted in 1997. Last year it was stresses during the drought and the bark started to peel off. I wrapped three with tree wrap. No apples were produced last year which I attributed to early frost. Then I started noticing evenly placed holes that run in a circumferential pattern......what is the best way to treat this insect at this time?


Floyd County Iowa over 7 years ago

Trapped skunk

I am going to try to catch a skunk that I think killed all of my guinea keats in a catch alive trap.How can i dispose of the skunk without being sprayed.


Floyd County Iowa about 7 years ago

Invasive vine?

I have been having trouble with a species of vine for the last three - four years. It seems to favor my evergreens and covers the sides of them wth foliage. It has large leaves about the shape of maple leaves and has produces a spiny cucumber-like fruit (seed?). I have been pulling the whole vines off my trees. Can you tell me what this is and why it should suddenly show up after we have lived on this farm for 40 some years. And is it harmful?


Floyd County Iowa about 7 years ago

Downsizing a flower garden

I need help to downsize my garden. Wondering if you know a garden club or organizaton that would come dig the plants. I would donate the plants to the club for their work. I would appreciate any help or suggestions you may be able to provide. Stan


Floyd County Iowa about 5 years ago

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