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Expensive tree roots in my drain

I have been blessed with a huge tree right in front of my home. Didn't realize, when I moved in here, that I would need to "roto root" it, once or twice a year. Would love to find a permanent solution to this expensive procedure. Are there any ways to kill these roots, once and for all? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!! Thank you for your time. A Sr. lady in Oelwein, IA


Fayette County IA over 5 years ago


My daughter is in Sumner Fred FFA and showed her horse in Chickasaw. What is the deadline for registering your horse in Fayette for Fair...also what are the vet check requirements? She just had it checked for fair in Chickasaw.


Fayette County IA over 6 years ago

Where to get some frogs.

I have a valley creek that flows into the Turkey river with substantial buffer strips with trees against the corn fields on both sides. We used to have many frogs and salamanders but not anymore. Where can I get some to renew this great place?


Fayette County IA about 5 years ago

pizza safe

Frozen pizza sitting out all night is it safe to bake and eat. The pizza IS SOFT.


Fayette County IA over 4 years ago

Horses and bean straw

Can bean straw be put out for horses? They have regular hay, to eat, but thought maybe they could use the bean straw to lay on. Also wanted to put it in the building they go into to give the floor some cushion. Will it hurt them if they eat it? And is it to itchy for them to lay on?


Fayette County IA horses straw almost 6 years ago

Ash Seedlings - Sprouts

Given the abundance of ash seedlings this year, there are several that have now rooted and started sprouts. What is the best way to address these sprouts as there are hundreds of them around my home? I have not yet had to mow my yard yet but am concerned. I noticed these sprouts when I put on the weed and feed this spring.


Fayette County IA over 5 years ago

Tree problems

We have a large tree that has large amounts of brown goo running down the trunk in a couple different places. Not sure what kind of tree. Didn't know if you had a tree expert?


Fayette County IA tree health wetwood over 4 years ago

Grassy tasting blueberries

I have blueberries growing, several varieties, and they have never tasted like blueberries. They always seem to taste like grass. I amend my soil with Encap sulfur and fertilize with a popular fertilizer for acid loving plants. I still have one plant that likes to show signs of chlorosis, but it's otherwise healthy. The other plants are lush and green. The blueberries from all of the plants have the grassy taste. Our soil is slightly alkaline here, but this soil has been amended with the sulfur for about 8 years now and when I planted these blueberries, I mixed peat moss into the soil. Is there anything else that I could be missing? They are in full sun and get plenty of water.


Fayette County IA over 2 years ago

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