Emmet County, Iowa

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canning pickles

i've tried different recipes and no matter what I do my pickles come out limp and not crisp at all. What am i doing wrong?


Emmet County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Ornithology-Bluebirds Houses concern with mites

I had a gentleman that has several bluebird houses that he has put up and last year he lost 5 batches of bluebirds from mites. He wondered if their is something he can do to prevent this, I wondered about spraying fly spray or raid but wasn't sure if that is hazardous to the birds.


Emmet County Iowa about 5 years ago


Do I need to pull up all my rhubarb due to the freezing temperatures last week? Thank you. Sandy Kemper


Emmet County Iowa about 2 years ago

coloring contest

where can you find coloring contest sheets


Emmet County Iowa almost 3 years ago

Does the tenant or landlord pay for power source for field irrigator?

We the landlords purchased a new irrigator for 75 acres of farm land in Emmet County. We know the tenant will supply the fuel to run the power, but who pays for the power source? The tenant used his tractor in 2013 but wants to make changes. Who supplies the power -- the tenant or the landlord?


Emmet County Iowa cropland leasing over 5 years ago


When is a good time to plant roses in Northwest Iowa?


Emmet County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Developing outdoor recreational opportunities on my farm

I have been developing outdoor recreation possibilities on my farm. Fishing, hunting, primitive camping, trails for hiking or horseback riding and prairie and wetland restorations for nature study. At some point I would like to share these recreation opportunities with others for a modest fee or a barter arrangement of labor for facility use. The problem I am encountering is the cost of liability insurance. It is quoted at about $2000 per year. If I use batter arrangement could my visitors be considered employees? Also would like to develop a geographic point location system for geocaching and locating points of interest on the property. Do you have specialists that help with GIS?


Emmet County Iowa over 5 years ago

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