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killing berry bushes

I have a red raspberry patch that produces well, it is being invaded by a species of berry plant that does not produce any berries. I was wondering if there is some kind of systemic herbicide that could be painted on to kill just certain plants without carryover? any suggestions would be helpful. if you need any more information, please let me know thanks

Dubuque County Iowa about 6 years ago

family finances

Looking for some help from someone who can help with our family finances

Dubuque County Iowa over 6 years ago

Lilac Bushes

We have several lilac bushes outlining our property in Richardsille, Iowa. The lilac bushes were planted approx. three years ago. This spring we noticed some of the bushes leaves were drooping as if they were stressed. We made sure we watered the lilac bushes and yet their leaves continued to droop and one eventually died. The nursery where we purchased most of the lilac bushes came out to look at our situation and said he is puzzled as to what is happening as other lilac bushes next to each other are thriving. Doug from Wagner Nursery suggested we contact you for help. The concern is do we have some type of bacteria hurting out lilacs. We have over 60 lilac bushes planted generally 6 bushes in a cluster.

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Dubuque County Iowa almost 7 years ago

sizing my return harvest

I've come distance in improving my garden .08 organic matter, low amount commercial fertilizer,1/3# per square.ft. cattle lot . manure,& 1+application of miracle grow. My question is what more can I do to achieve 2-3 " dis. onions,1+ dis. Carrots, some better yield of potatoes,& etc. N/E iowa in town 10 yr organic amateur producer?


Dubuque County Iowa about 6 years ago


I have a rose bush that has a shell like growth on the base of the bush. I have never seen anything like it. Could give me an idea what it is and what treatment would fix it. I did notice the leaves were falling off the plant.


Dubuque County Iowa 12 months ago

Eggs on Arborvitae branches

I have batches of small silver eggs on several of my arborvitae trees. I live in Dub. Idea of what they are?


Dubuque County Iowa about 7 years ago

Cherry tree fruit stops developing

My Montmorency cherry tree is loaded with little green cherries that seem to have stopped developing. Some are beginning to change color, but none are "plumping up". I have had lawn service for the first time this year. Could it be the fertilizers they applied affected the tree. The tree is about 15 years old and has produced well every year until now. I'm sure it's too late to help it this year, but how can I prevent this from recurring?


Dubuque County Iowa over 7 years ago

price of balelage

How do you put a price on buying damp alfalfa big bales and then making balelage out of them? [putting plastic wrap on all of them]


Dubuque County Iowa almost 6 years ago

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