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Japanese spurge dying

My 10 year old spurge is turning black and dying in circles! Help! It looks like it may be spreading to the nearby grass!

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Dickinson County Iowa about 5 years ago

I have some "tea roses" (that's what my mom called them) that have...

I have some "tea roses" (that's what my mom called them) that have this same problem every year. Starting at the bottom, the leaves begin to breakdown until there's only a skeleton left. The new leaves look good initially then, as the problem continues, they have the same problem. Some of the buds stay small and turn yellow or brownish and fall off. Some of the buds attempt to open but stall out and turn brown at the petal edges. I don't see any critters on them but there might be a little mildew. These are old plants I inherited from my mother. What can I do to save them?



Dickinson County Iowa over 5 years ago

black walnut trees

We have several black walnut trees and even more seedlings growing around the yard. i'm just wondering if, rather than pull out and throw away the small trees there would be a use for them somewhere. I'm also wondering the same thing about the walnuts that drop in the fall. We just throw them away and if there would be a better use for them, I would love to know. Thank you.


Dickinson County Iowa over 6 years ago

open class fair book

Where can I find a fair book for 2013?


Dickinson County Iowa over 7 years ago




Dickinson County Iowa over 5 years ago

Zestar Pollination

I know the question has been asked and answered previously about pollination of Zestar apple, but I'm in NW Iowa by the Iowa Great Lakes, and my Zestars blocks bloom before any of my other trees, such as my Wealthy, Honey crisp etc. Is there a crab that might be early, or even another MN variety that I can use as my earliest pollinator to time with my Zestar?


Dickinson County Iowa over 5 years ago

Asphalt in Garden Soil

Hello, We live on the west edge of Lake Park, IA. From what we know, part of our land used to be a waste dump site area years ago. One area that we have tilled and used for gardening the past two years, contains a lot of asphalt chunks. We remove as many of these chunks each spring when we till, but they are everywhere. I'm really questioning how safe this is....to garden in soil containing asphalt. Is there a soil test that could be done to check the levels and if so, how much would it cost? Thank you, Jena Boles


Dickinson County Iowa over 6 years ago

which one

I planted a parker pear and summercrisp pear I lost one and don't know which one was lost never kept the tag


Dickinson County Iowa 12 months ago

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