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old chicken

I have some chicken thighs and legs that has been in there for over 5 years, if I put in the crokpot , will it kill bacteria. or do I throw it away. also I am looking for a plain cabbage soup with no meat. thank you

Des Moines County Iowa about 6 years ago

Red Pointe Maple Tree

Just planted our Red Pointe Maple this spring and noticed it is already turning a slight redish color.Is this tree stressed or is this normal for first year development.


Des Moines County Iowa about 3 years ago

Too dusty

We have an upstairs bedroom that is excessively dusty and the dust is unusual in appearance. I'm concerned that the ductwork in the attic may have a lead that is allowing blown-in insulation to filter into the room, especially since the ceiling fan runs often. Does the extension service offer an analysis service that could test the dust?


Des Moines County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Library Programming for Adults

Hi. My name is Samantha and I coordinate a monthly program for adults to help enhance their lives by increasing knowledge and skills. My predecessor, mentioned that the Iowa Extension Office is a fantastic resource, if I am seeking speakers for health, gardening and family topics. Could you please help me determine my options and who I may be able to contact. Thank you so much for your time and assistance. Sam


Des Moines County Iowa over 6 years ago

Asparagus- weed control

My asparagus beds are full of torpedo grass. What I have read about getting rid of it is to use glyphosate and also paraquat. I also see they recommend corn gluten. I was wondering what you recommend and what products contain the glyphosate and paraquat.


Des Moines County Iowa 4 months ago

Grass control in Crownvetch ground cover

What herbicide can I use to control unwanted grass growth in my Crownvetch ground cover areas. Thanks Wes Zimmerman


Des Moines County Iowa over 7 years ago

We already have health insurance through an employer, can we still shop around?

We have an insurance plan for our family through my husband's employer. However being a type 1 diabetic I have a very high medical cost every year and would prefer to have a better covered insurance plan. Will we have the opportunity to shop around for better coverage or is it going to be way more expensive to do it that way rather than use my husband's employee plan? What will be the best way to compare our current coverage to other options?


Des Moines County Iowa about 7 years ago

Can you identify this tree?

Hi. I have this tree growing in my yard, but have been unable to identify it. It grew up from a "weed" (I did not intentionally plant it). I will attach a picture. I have more pics, but your site will only allow me to upload one. The flowers are slightly fragrant. Thank you very much, Jena Ellerhoff



Des Moines County Iowa over 3 years ago

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