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Insect disease on my gorgeous american linden, eggs on leaf bottoms

Started 2 years ago, something eating alll the leaves leaving only the “frame like a skeleton. July 5, 18 discovered more .....small, 32nd of an inch groups of eggs, of some kind of insect. Tree is probable 70 years old, huge, lost about 1/4 of green last year, and many more branches this year did not leaf out. Will try to load a photo of egg groups, and eaten leaves. Really desparate to save tree ! Thanks for any reply, or referral, Manchester, iowa jim hill 563-920-3714. Email,

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Delaware County Iowa about 1 year ago

What amount of land makes one a farmer?

How many acres of land must you own to be considered a farmer for tax break purposes?


Delaware County Iowa small farm issues farm management over 5 years ago

New lawn

When and at what height may we do a first cutting of grass that was sewn last September in Delaware Co?


Delaware County Iowa 3 months ago

tooth loss in cats

Our 7 year old house cat-male, neutered-lost a canine tooth. We found it on the floor. Any ideas on what could be going on? Thanks


Delaware County Iowa about 5 years ago

gopher mounds

When I trap gopher I rake all the mounds level to the ground so that the hay will crow back again. My son thinks it will destroy more hay. Who is right?


Delaware County Iowa pastures and grazing pastures and forages hay production over 2 years ago

Bought a couple zestars in spring only one partially leafed out the leaves...

Bought a couple zestars in spring only one partially leafed out the leaves died. A couple more leaves came up when the bark had some green color buthey have died. The tree that had the most green bark had the leaves. On the bark both trees have organish areas kind of scaly


Delaware County Iowa trees and shrubs horticulture about 5 years ago

Help with Mushroom Identification

Hi! I was out at Backbone State Park yesterday and saw a mushroom that I have never seen before. I was wondering if you would be able to help me identify it? It was about 4 inches tall. I have attached a photo. Thank you!



Delaware County Iowa about 2 years ago

late season burrcucumber control

I have been spraying corn and beans last of July-first part of August with a hiboy (custom app) due to late emergence with RR. Have been told Peak has a 60 day carryover to control late emerging weeds. Is this correct and can I use it on corn and beans?who is the mfg and how do I contact them? Thanks JimShover


Delaware County Iowa weed control over 5 years ago

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