Decatur County, Iowa

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Does Iowa State University Extension offer any help with wildlife removal and preservation of bats from an attic to an area within the same county that they presently at?


Decatur County Iowa about 5 years ago

Apple trees

What variety of apple tree produces the best in iowa? You need two trees for cross polliination?


Decatur County Iowa about 4 years ago

Trimming back thornless blackberry plants

My thornless blackberry plants have produced some very long canes, some of which have rooted, and some which are freestanding. Should I cut back the freestanding canes, and if so, how far? Also, those canes which have rooted, will they produce fruit? Really enjoyed the berries this year! Heck of a lot easier than picking the wild berries, but that is an annual tradition I must attend!


Decatur County Iowa over 4 years ago

composting nicotiana sylvestris

this is my 1st year growing tobacco for the flowers. after the plant goes to seed can i compost the plant? looking foward to the answer. David


Decatur County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Clover Kid Bucket Calf

This is my son's first year as a Clover Kid; he is seven years old. We have acquired a bucket calf, and my son would like to take care of him as one of his fair projects. I don't know what the requirements are for this... Can you direct me to the correct forms or information so we can get started when we bring him home in a few days?


Decatur County Iowa over 3 years ago

testing soil from a small garden plot

What is involved in getting soil testes from our small garden plot?


Decatur County Iowa about 7 years ago

home canning

this last summer I made bread and butter pickles and processed them in a water bath canner, all sealed so mi stored them. took 1 out yesterday to use most of the water was gone from the jar. is it safe to use? I guess I didn't get the air out of the jar. thanks David


Decatur County Iowa over 5 years ago

Climbing roses die off

I planted climbing rose bushes last year, they both grew, one did much more growth reaching up to the top of my trellis. Both bloomed beautiful and looked healthy. I was surprised to find this spring that last years canes all died and although the bushes sent out new growth I was wondering if you have any suggestions to keep the shoots healthy so that my arbor can be full of blossoms instead of having to wait for the new growth to mature? I am new to growing roses so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you- Patty


Decatur County Iowa about 3 years ago

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