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Selling Hay

Hi, I recently bought ten acres on the edge of Bloomfield. The former owner told me he always had hay cut and sold the bales for some supplemental income each year. I'd like to do the same, but I don't know much about it. I'd like to know how to find someone to cut and bale it and the best way to sell it. I live in Cedar Rapids, so I'm doing this mostly from a distance. Any advice or information you can provide would be appreciated.


Davis County Iowa over 7 years ago

Rhubarb that dies back after it comes up

I transplanted my rhubarb 4 years ago and it has never grown right since. The stalks are small and they soon die back. They started to come up again after we got a good rain but just aren't vigorous enough to pull. They are close to a walnut tree and asparagus.


Davis County Iowa over 4 years ago

schnauzers digging up yard for marble like growths

My schnauzers are obsessed with digging about an inch under the dirt and coming up with irregular marble size growths . They have a very pungent odor . they love to eat them . mostly under Pin Oak tree and around base and Rhododendron bushes that are mulched .Are they toxic to dogs and what are they ?


Davis County Iowa about 4 years ago

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