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ash-lilac borer

What is the best treatment for a Chinese lilac that appars to have the borer. Have saw dust at base of tree and plant looks stressed.

Dallas County Iowa almost 6 years ago

Planting Iowa Wildflowers

I am acquiring a one-half acre lot for a home in West Des Moines. I would like to plant Iowa wildflowers and grasses for insects, birds and butterflies on a portion (about 1/3) of the property, adjacent to open ground and a pond next door. How can acquire the proper seeds and what soil preparation and care should I perform? What materials should I be reading in order to be successful? Thanks.


Dallas County Iowa over 3 years ago

Catalpa Tree problem

I have a young 12' Catalpa tree that has damage to it's leaves. (See image) The leaves have puckered and thickened. Is it environmental or some disease? I first noticed it this spring, which stunted the new growth but has since pushed out new leaves and growth. Now the new leaves appear to have the same problem. We did have our lawn sprayed with broad leaf herbicide in the spring and this fall, but the fella who did it is usually very careful. I don't see damage like that on nearby Pear trees or young oak.



Dallas County Iowa over 2 years ago

When to start onions from seed

Hi, I start onions from seed in January, usually; they are never as established as onion plants purchased, however, by the time I plant them. I am wondering if I should start seeds earlier than January? Any advice on this is much appreciated as it pertains to Zone 5. Thanks!


Dallas County Iowa over 4 years ago

What kind of Grass is it

I have 3 acres of sod (Kentucky Blue) and it is infested with this wild grass that is spreading. See picture. have been on internet on all the weed libraries and cant say I know what it is. Does not seem to have tubular under the ground, must be spreading from seed ?? Johnson, Fall panicum, Quack grass ??????leaves are smooth, stems are round no hairs on shafts,



Dallas County Iowa about 3 years ago

Concrete block compost bin

Which direction should the open sie of a concrete compost bin be facing?


Dallas County Iowa about 3 years ago

Wild Turkey Eggs Incubation Period

What is the incubation time for wild turkey eggs?


Dallas County Iowa about 4 years ago

Tree leader not growing

I have a maple tree roughly 8 feet tall that was planted last November. The tree leader is not growing and has no leaves. There are other branches that are not growing leaves. See photo. Should this tree be replaced? What happens if the leader with no leaves is trimmed?



Dallas County Iowa maple trees about 4 years ago

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