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Blue Spruce and Round Up

I have "weeds" growing under my Spruce (coming up out of the fallen needle bed.) If I am "careful" can I "lightly" spray Roundup onto only the leaves of the "weeds" --- or even if I don't get any on the ground the Roundup will still go through weeds and root system and risk reaching the Spruce root system and possibly damaging/killing my Spruce? Thank you so much for helping me. Greg


Clayton County Iowa about 1 year ago

Control of canada thistle in grass/clover hay

Is there away to control canada thistle in a grass clover hayfield? 2-4D will control but will also wipe out clover. Any other options?


Clayton County Iowa over 2 years ago

Flat bug

Can anyone help us identify this kind of bug. We have found a couple on our bedroom ceiling and a couple on a bed. Approximate size 1/4 - 5/16". Thanks, Luanne



Clayton County Iowa over 4 years ago

job opening

DO u have any please send me them


Clayton County Iowa over 6 years ago

steel water trough raised bed for strawberries

I am having trouble kneeling, so my husband made me a raised bed out of a steel trough. what's the best way to keep a steel water trough with strawberries from freezing and thawing in the winter. I protected the top with mulch last winter, but all the strawberries on the edge of the trough froze off and died.


Clayton County Iowa about 5 years ago

Yellow Cucumbers

Most of my cucumbers are yellow. Will this make a difference in the taste. Can I make dill pickles out of them or would they be better in something else?


Clayton County Iowa almost 7 years ago

Question about How to Work with ISU Extension

Good afternoon, My name is Katrina Moyna and I graduated with a degree in biology from Clarke University. I've also worked on many sustainability and local food initiatives (with the Northern Iowa Food & Farm Partnership, City of Dubuque, Clarke University, and the Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative) and developed communications, public relations, project development, community planning, and naturalist skills during my time with these organizations. I would love with Iowa State Extension on local foods, healthy living, or the eco-living blog! I'm thinking about going back to grad school to get a master's in public health; is that a logical step toward working with Iowa State extension? Are there any particular colleges that would best serve the ISU extension requirements? Thank you for your help! Katrina


Clayton County Iowa almost 7 years ago

school visitation

I read about the MakerSpace Club in the St.Pt. Journal. Do you ever visit schools to tell about this club and how kids can join? I am currently teaching Jr. Achievement as a volunteer in 5th grade at Starmont. The most recent topic was creativity and entrepreneurship. It might be eye-opening to the kids to hear about your program. We have been meeting on Tuesdays at 12:45 PM - 3 PM (2 sections). If you can visit maybe I could get the teachers to allow the 2 sections to come together for awhile. Sincerely, Anita Blaker Arlington, IA 563-633-5575


Clayton County Iowa over 3 years ago

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