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county fair

Hi my name is sally Chapman I am interested being a vendor at your county fair.I do Partylite candles and decor. I go to peoples home and show them how to decorate their homes with candles. Here is my contact information: Sally Chapman 1144 110th Ave. Murray,Iowa 50174 email address is phone number is 515-975-2516. Thank you.


Clarke County Iowa over 4 years ago

Emerald Ash Borer

Did this past winter cold temperatures / weather kill off the Emerald Ash Borer to any large degree? I have 34 mature trees and was wondering if I could possibly skip my annual treatment of those trees this spring. I’ve been using the Bayer Advanced product specifically recommended for the Emerald Ash Borer. Your advice is very much appreciated. Thank you, Frank Jones


Clarke County Iowa over 1 year ago

autumn blaze maple trees

This spring we planted 7 autumn blaze maple trees, they are leafed out well but one of them now isn't looking as well. Its leaves are turning brown like fall colors. We have been watering them well but not sure the cause of this one turning colors. We live in SW Iowa. Any ideas?



Clarke County Iowa 3 months ago

Plant ID

This plant has grown from a packet of "mixed flowers" we planted. It is about 4' tall with alternate branches and tiny spines on the stalks. Additional pictures available. Can you ID it for us please?



Clarke County Iowa about 5 years ago

problems loggin in

So we are enrolling a new employee. When we you put in for a password reset, it sends a link. The link then tells you they did not get a request for a password reset. How is the new employee to access her account to take the required training's if she is continually going in a circle?


Clarke County Iowa almost 3 years ago


Our basswood tree for the second year in a row has very small leaves but otherwise appears healthy. It's twin broke off at the ground two years ago in wind storm. The leaves are about 1/3 size. Any ideas?


Clarke County Iowa over 2 years ago

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