Chickasaw County, Iowa

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Corn yield

What is the average per acre yield for corn for the 2013 crop year and for the five year period 2009-2013?


Chickasaw County Iowa almost 5 years ago


Does a walnut or evergreen tree near a raspberry bed affect the growth and production of red raspberries? I have not been able to grow raspberries well despite many years of trying. The area where the raspberries are planted is in full sun but just beyond the area shaded by a large black walnut tree.


Chickasaw County Iowa raspberries juglone horticulture almost 4 years ago

beanleaf beetle

what is the predication for 2016 beanleaf beetle pressure?


Chickasaw County Iowa about 3 years ago


How can I receive the "WOW" newsletter on my email?


Chickasaw County Iowa almost 6 years ago

farm chemical safety training

I am the safety officer at our hospital in New Hampton. I am interested in reviewing what type of education is provided to farmers and others that apply farm chemicals. In case of exposure, what are they trained to do and what should they communicate to emergency rooms before they ever show up etc.


Chickasaw County Iowa about 3 years ago

Pruning a crabapple tree in winter ?

I have a large branch I would like to remove on a crabapple tree in my yard. Can I prune this branch now without damaging the tree ?


Chickasaw County Iowa over 5 years ago

nitrogen needs by hybrid

Does traited hybrids use more nitrogen than non-traited?


Chickasaw County Iowa about 3 years ago

black ants

My neighbor's tree was cut because of black ants and now they are all over my yard. How do I get rid of them?


Chickasaw County Iowa almost 4 years ago

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