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Red Oak leaves turning brown from the bottom up

Our 20 year old Red Oak has several limbs of leaves that have leafed out and now turned brown. The tips of some branches are still green and the upper half of the tree is still green.What do I need to do? We live in Clear Lake.

Cerro Gordo County Iowa over 7 years ago

grapes ?

my grapes are not budding out at all they are 6 years old and are huge. I,m kind a worried that they died I live in north iowa


Cerro Gordo County Iowa over 6 years ago

Barberry shrubs diseases

My roseglow barberry bush and japonese barberry are being rapidly defoliated by some insect which I have not been able to see even on close examination. Do you have any idea as to what it might be, and any advice on treatment? Thank you


Cerro Gordo County Iowa over 6 years ago

Mold in home

Is there a test that can be run to determine if there is mold in the house?


Cerro Gordo County Iowa over 2 years ago

Forgot to add vinegar to my salsa

I've seen a few questions and and answers about when you forget to add vinegar or another acid to your salsa you are canning - which is totally what I did with one batch of 7 quarts. I'm wondering if you've cooked it a certain way, or have certain ingredients, botulinum won't grow. My salsa includes green peppers, banana peppers, onions, zucchini, black olives (from a can), black beans (from a can), corn, tomatoes (from a can), and half a large container of Mrs. Wages medium salsa seasoning. All goes into an 8 quart slow cooker on high for 6-8 hours. Lids get heated and salsa put into quart jars, lids and tops screwed on. Then immediately into a boiling water bath - 25min for quarts and 15min for pints. Good seals on all. This was on 8-12-19. Are you basically screwed lol regardless or how its prepared or what goes in and should dump it all out? Or can I save it?


Cerro Gordo County Iowa about 1 year ago

IBC tote rain barrel set up.

Setting up my very first rain barrel which is a 275 gal. IBC tote. So much info online, hard to sort through to the completely inexperienced. My tentative plan: an Oatey Mystic diverter (or different brand if recommended) into the downspout with the hose going into the original tote fill/intake cap. My understanding: the Oatey needs to be installed on the downspout a distance above the level of the cap and the hose slanting downwards from the diverter to the cap. The water then flows into the tote til the tote is full, then the water backs up the house to the diverter and back down the downspout and away from the house, is this correct? I have read different places about needing a vent but then saw a YouTube saying a diverter won't work with a vent, it needs to be completely closed. My ultimate goal is to get this figured out so it works correctly, add some type of pump so I can attach either a series of soaker hoses or drip irrigation, not on a huge scale. I just need to know if I have this all correct in my mind, would prefer to do it right the first time! Any advice is much appreciated, thank you! (Also, any advice on pump type or how to figure out pump type would also be much appreciated....thanks!).


Cerro Gordo County Iowa 5 months ago

Japanese Beetles

I sprayed Japanese Beetle killer on my plants and the beetles keep coming back. Do I just keep spraying the plants everyday? I also looked on the bottle to see if I can eat the vegetables? It says nothing about this.


Cerro Gordo County Iowa 3 months ago

cerro gordo county fair entry online

Where do I find the on-line Fair Entry for Cerro Gordo County?


Cerro Gordo County Iowa over 4 years ago

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