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Home landscaping, home gardening and canning

Hello! I am Janice Wilson with Kirkwood Cedar County Center. I am working to locate someone to facilitate classes on home landscaping, home gardening and canning in the Cedar County (Tipton area). The dates will run in our spring/summer terms--March 28 to September 4, 2016. I can be contacted at 563-886-2942 and jkwilso@kirkwood.edu. Thank you, Janice


Cedar County Iowa almost 5 years ago


I was wondering when someone can join 4-H


Cedar County Iowa about 3 years ago

Orphan Colt

Had a colt Saturday night onto Sunday morning. It was past due. Sunday morning we found the colt standing in the pasture and found the mare dead. The colt was cleaned up and we are pretty positive that it nursed and got some Colostum from the mare. Fed it Colostrum replacer all day Sunday and into Monday morning. Have been feeding it milk replacer since at 1 pint every 4 hours. It is eating and doing well. It is now three days old. Is it ok to stop the middle of the night feedings and let it go from 10 pm- 5 am now?


Cedar County Iowa over 7 years ago


The last two tears the grasshoppers have been eating the berries off my bittersweet. How can I protect the bittersweet? I can't put a net over them. Was it because of the dry and hot weather? The last two years is when they came. The plants are 4-5 years old.


Cedar County Iowa about 6 years ago

Hollyhocks not growing

Hello........my hollyhocks are up...but not growing............... I bought the seed from Seedsavers... a few years ago when I planted them they were sensational.huge stocks..8 feet beautiful flowers....I keep adding seed in fall and spring in same spot to encourage bi-annual flowers...for the last two years they only grow about 4 inches tall...what am I doing wrong..they are in direct sun and getting plenty of water. Thank you...Love ISU Hortiulture


Cedar County Iowa over 5 years ago

Retail Analysis

Do you have any more recent reports? All I can find are 2010 and would like current data.


Cedar County Iowa over 4 years ago

Unknown Insect

Can you please help us identify this insect?



Cedar County Iowa over 7 years ago

creeping charlie

I have this invasive weed in my lawn. It feels like a 24/7 job just to control its invasiveness let alone even think about eliminating it. Any advice is most appreciated and welcome.


Cedar County Iowa almost 6 years ago

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